Performativity the Intersections Between Gender Essay

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My parents and their left-wing mentality held sway over his heart, but Andrew is not above pandering to the crowd. I'm sure on more than one occasion he kept his mouth shut when the guys in the locker room made homophobic remarks. And I also know that the only reason my brother escaped the scourge of bullying was that (a) he was strong and looked it; and (b) he was a nice guy and people tended to like him. Darren did get beat up. A lot, come to think of it. My brother stood up for him once, when he was ten. He got a black eye for it, and I think it made him proud. The birthday smooch took him back to that moment. It made him proud to kiss his friend, in what must have felt like a platonic gesture to them both. My brother was at that moment overcome years of indoctrination into a social code that was at once very much his own (for, after all, he fit in very well with the jocks); and at the same time, very much a source of shame for him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Performativity the Intersections Between Gender, Assignment

My brother doesn't think too hard about these things, which is good. He doesn't use words like "interstitial" or "performativity." Andrew is just Andrew. He's lucky that way, because he does not experience much conflict within himself regarding his sexuality. Yet at the moment he kissed Darren, I knew by the spontaneous handclaps all around me, that I was surrounded by acts of performativity. Every person was thinking, "Oh! They're gonna get it on!" Perhaps it was a freak coincidence (because I don't think my brother capable of thinking this deeply), at that very moment in the club the DJ was playing a song by Louis Armstrong. The words go, "A kiss is just a kiss." This kiss was, for him, just a kiss. To the rest of us, though, it was an act of overt rebellion that challenged the positions of our normative boundaries. What does it mean to be gay, straight, or even bisexual? Does a straight man kiss his friend, with love, on the lips, and remain straight? My brother and I say yes, but we are subversive folk. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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