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I will have to take the opportunity to prove that the results of the project meets the needs of Waters Inc. Notable length of time will also be budgeted for project management, which is essential in all stages (Stair, 2013).

Project Preparation

When preparing for a project, I will need to recognize a project manager who will manage all aspects of the execution. A business partner can assume this part, or I can establish an internal resource for it. I will have to get ready to commence the task by confirming who will be included, both from a business necessities point-of-view and from a technical point-of-view. Throughout the project kickoff meeting, everyone involved in this project must be engaged to commit and approve to the timeline. I will set objectives and points of reference. Throughout this stage, an appointed vendor will normally deliver and start to institute the software. However, the installation may involve other numerous stages. To ensure the project is on schedule, I will concentrate on continuous project reviews (Martin & Oakley, 2008).

Business Blueprint

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To make a business outline that will assist map how the computer equipment and software will work with the business processes, I will first collect process and user requirements. This will involve asking users how they like to work, and keep those preferences as a main priority when I am recording business process prerequisites. I will work with the appointed vendor to make a business map. This will incorporate business processes, business situations, and process steps. Audit the blueprint with the ideal project team guarantee that it is exact and comprehensive (Porter-Roth, 2012).

Project Realization

Term Paper on Performing Purchasing Agent Duties Need Assignment

Throughout this stage, the vendor will set up the system and configure the frameworks while customizing the software to ensure it meets the company's needs. At this point, it is smart to address any organizational change issues that can come about because of the new software (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2011). For instance, will the project manager require an alternate IT expert to administer the long-term solution? Will the expansions in productivity coming about because of the software and computer equipment mean that the company will have to reassign work tasks? The project team will start approving and testing the system, utilizing the business information. The vendor might consider requesting employees to volunteer in testing the new system. This could help them familiarize with the new applications. At this point, the project manager will need to plan to go-live and figure out when the new software will go live, and how it will be supported as workers figure out how to utilize it (Holtsnider & Jaffe, 2012).

Final Preparation

Throughout last arrangements, the project manager will direct software training for 75 new customer service representatives as per the directives of the company. They could attend in-person training sessions or, in the event that it makes more sense for the organization, they can exploit e-studying, which is a self-paced web training. My specialized group or together with the vendor will test the system for readiness and move from the existing software to the new system (Behforooz & Hudson, 2006).

Go-Live and Support

Throughout go-live and support, the vendor solution will be up and running. I can check how well it is working by talking with workers, assessing productivity, and surveying the efficiency of the business. At this point, I will ensure that I document and attend to outstanding issues (Rasmussen, Goldy & Solli, 2012).


A review of the entire project must be conducted after its finalization. A post-pilot study will be initiated to brainstorm any lessons obtained from the new project after the completion of the final review. The company must establish whether the employees can accomplish required tasks using the new system. In the wake of recognizing any modifications or adjustments, which need to be made to the system, the conglomeration then must complete the balance of the resource management activities.


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