Performing a Wedding Religious Non Research Proposal

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Performing a Modern Wedding: Religious, Traditional or Something Else Entirely

It seems as though everywhere one looks these days there is something to do with marriage, a bride, and/or weddings. From giant billboards advertising everything from perfume to vacations to television shows capitalizing on the drama and emotions of a wedding, a bridal gown seems to be the one of the most popular symbols in today's consumer culture. When it comes to wedding ceremonies themselves, however, things are not nearly as straightforward as the mass media would have us believe. There are almost as many different ways of getting married as there are couples, and anyone officiating over a wedding has their work cut out for them in determining exactly what will be expected from the bride and groom -- well, mostly the bride -- during the ceremony. The list of questions that must be asked is extensive, and the list of possible answers to these questions and their variations is endless.

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One of the major issues is whether or not the religious ceremony will by religious or non-religious. In this country, the term "religious" when used in reference to a wedding ceremony typically means a traditional Christian wedding, which is also the basis for many non-religious but "traditional" weddings. The Bible does not actually detail any of the elements or customs of a Christian wedding, and early Christian weddings were almost certainly nothing like modern ceremonies, but the roots of many traditions extend back to ancient times (Fairchild 2009). Common elements of the ceremony include the processional, with the seating of the parents of the bride and groom, followed by the entrance of the minister or priest and the groom. The bride then begins her walk down the aisle, accompanied by her father and preceded by a flower girl who spreads petals for the bride to walk on (Fairchild 2009).

Research Proposal on Performing a Wedding Religious Non-Religious Assignment

Christian weddings typically include some opening prayers and the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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