Pericles Funeral Orations Term Paper

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¶ … Lysistrata" by Aristophanes, and "Pericles Funeral Oration," by Thucydides. Specifically it will describe the democratic society of Athens depicted by Pericles and Lysistrata. Greek democracy is legendary for being the model for modern day government, and it spread around the world to influence civilization for eons. Proud of their system, many Greeks wrote of their government and city in glowing terms, leaving behind a rich history for modern readers to ponder.

Thucydides "Funeral Oration," given by Pericles, is a memorable look at the civilization of the Greeks of Athens. Pericles gave this funeral oration in honor of all the warriors who were victims of the Peloponnesian War. This speech talks only of Athenians, and their great democratic government. In fact, he raises Athens herself up as a deity when he says, "I would have you day by day fix your eyes upon the greatness of Athens, until you become filled with the love of her; and when you are impressed by the spectacle of her glory" (Thucydides, 1999). His lofty descriptions of Athens and the government seem idealized, yet, Greek democracy is legendary in history, and so, his idealization is based in sound, working principle. For much of the speech, Pericles seems simply to be stating what he sees as obvious - the Greeks had a system that influenced the world and made them one of the most advanced civilizations of the time. While Pericles did exaggerate some of the aspects of Greek democracy, such as comparing her to a god in some respects, his pride was well founded and his exaggerations may be largely entertained because the magnitude of Greek culture and government is recognized in history and in the written word.Download full
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Pericles Funeral Orations Assignment

Women, unfortunately, did not share much of the same place in Greek society that men held. For example, they could not own property or hold political office. In fact, their men expected them to take care of the home and family, and do little else. This becomes evident early in the play when Aristophanes writes, "KALONIKE [sententiously]. 'What clever, illustrious deed could women achieve?' / *[Normal voice] We spend our idle lives at home, dolled… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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