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Personal App

The Strategic Management Club Online (SMCO) offers a list of mainly online resources for graduate and undergraduate business policy and strategic management students. Resources include links to specific case, financial, graduate school, job search, and strategic planning websites. The SMCO also sells software, sample case analyses, site licenses, and a Microsoft template. All the software, templates, and sample case studies are written by Forest David, the owner and manager of SMCO, contributing author to several case instruction manuals and textbooks, and instructor at Francis Marion University. Although the site is not much to look at, it does offer students who are new to business policy and strategic management a solid starting place to start their Internet research. Anyone who needs to compile a case study can use the SMCO instead of Google to begin a search for relevant information.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Personal Application Assignment

The SMCO website could use a facelift. Pages are published on a light gray background with the words "Strategic Management Club Online" watermarked in several different sizes. The title and header fonts are hideous and out-of-date. Although the site is fairly simple and easy to navigate, the site author should have made the title into a hyperlink for the home page. To return to the home page, users have to scroll down to the bottom of each page. Besides that flaw, SMCO's website is fairly functional and serves its purpose. A frame at the top of each page and below the title includes links to each section of the site: Case Links, Financial Statements, Grad School Links, Job Search links, Strategic Planning Links, Manufacturing and Service Links, CheckMATE software, ordering and contact information. Contact information is e-mail only and clicking on the "tab" for either Dr. David or Forest opens a new e-mail in the user's default e-mail client, which may or may not please users. In fact, many users will have Web-based e-mail accounts and will find the links frustrating. Thankfully, Forest David offers his mailing and e-mail addresses together on the home page. The SMCO home page offers a brief introductory paragraph that explains the purpose of the site and its intended audience: students.

Except for its software the SMCO website does not necessarily offer anything new or original. Many of the links could be easily found by using Google instead of the SMCO. Even so, the list of links is located on one page and therefore can be helpful for students or anyone new to strategic management and business. The site will give visitors a valuable starting point for research or investigation that may help some students save time. In this sense, the SMCO is like a portal for business students. The SMCO also sells specialized software, templates, and sample case studies; none of these are free. SMCO also does not link to scholarly databases, white papers, market analyses, PDF files or articles in peer-reviewed journals. Therefore, the SMCO is not helpful for students needing assistance with scholastic papers.

As a fairly useful addition to a professional resources list, the SMCO includes career search links and quick links to a large number or relevant business sites. I might occasionally look to the SMCO for its Case Links. Those are the most extensive and useful of the site and include… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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