Personal Computer While Personal Computers Application Essay

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In fact, the house might not be in an area where there is reliable Internet access, which means the student cannot use the computer as an effective research tool like her 'connected' peers. And not having a computer which is a 'fun' toy to play on, even for personal Internet use, may mean that poorer students lack full comfort and familiarity with many of its potential uses.

The 'digital divide' may also exhibit itself in a general lack of computer awareness amongst students. Students at wealthy and prestigious science high schools may learn coding, how to construct web pages, and how to edit video content on a computer, substantially adding to their marketability as future employees. Poorer students may lack access to these higher level skills: there may not be enough sophisticated equipment at their school to learn more than word processing. This can also manifest itself as a 'digital divide.'

Finally, the data supporting enhanced use of computers is solely based upon students. Although students are an important demographic group, they are not the only ones who can benefit from having and knowing how to use computers. There is no evidence that computer ownership is growing amongst the populace as a whole. People with limited access to computers and the Internet will have more difficulty job-searching (since most applications are available online).

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The paragraph does not examine additional sources beyond the Businessweek article, including current research which indicates that fewer persons in specific demographic groups may be using computers to do routine digital tasks at all, and what the educational and vocational implications are of this phenomenon. A recent study by the independent Pew Research Center found that only "fifty one percent of black adults access the Internet at home via desktop compared to 65% of white adults. The lower cost of accessing the Internet on the mobile web has changed the landscape of the digital division" (Sanders 2012).


Sanders, J. Victoria. (2012). The participation divide: Separate and unequal in digital media?

TOPIC: Application Essay on Personal Computer While Personal Computers Assignment

The Texas Observer. Retrieved from the Pew Research Center at:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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