Personal Development Goals in 5 Years Research Proposal

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Personal Development/Goals in 5 yrs

Personal Development Plan


My final years of college and my currently working within the educational system have opened my eyes to several future possibilities. These ideas could include becoming more involved in the lives of the youth communities by becoming their teacher, their mentor and the liaison that helps them make the transition from children to young adults. This could materialize in actually becoming a teacher. However, since I have no education and experience related to children and teenagers, I have decided to open such a facility and run it from the business standpoint.

But since I believe that education begins long before the adolescence years, I tend to be more focused on creating learning and socializing facilities for the small children. In this order of ideas, I plan to open, own and successfully run a day care center for the children in the State of Texas. I have already commenced the operations in this direction by enrolling in the State of Texas Childcare Licensing Program and I have already spoken to a realtor in order to find a most suitable location to fit my future plans. I intend to carry on with the most adequate strategies that ensure my future success. These strategies will be further on presented.

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The idea of opening a day care center for the children of Texas had two particular elements at its core. First of all, I wanted to give back to the community that had brought me up and offer the children increased chances for a better future. The second reason was of a rather financial nature as day care centers, when properly administered, can retrieve satisfying results. As such, at the end of the following five years, I see myself as the owner and administrator of a successful kindergarten, sought by most parents due to the current and future benefits it can offer for their offsprings.

2. Assessment of Internal Skills and External Opportunities

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Personal Development Goals in 5 Years Assignment

In order for the operations to retrieve the desired results, the need for two objective assessments arises. First of all, I need to identify the internal skills that will support me in opening and successfully running the day care center. Secondly, I must identify the elements in the surrounding environment that will make my business successful. These analyses are succinctly presented below:

Internal Skills

Due to being a wise spender, I have managed to save some money to get me started. As such, I have sufficient financial resources to commence the operations. Depending on the primary results, I intend to retrieve the money to be used in future ventures from the revenues registered from the operations of the day care or contract a bank loan. I do not intend to issues stocks or get an associate.

Aside from the financial resources, I also have access to other resources. Already working in the educational system, I have several acquaintances that can objectively and fairly advice me relative to working with children. They have also shown interest in becoming employers within the newly founded kindergarten. As a result, the recruiting, selecting and hiring processes would not be as costly as the competition's.

Aside from knowledge, potential human resource and money, I also have easy access to potential customers. This basically materializes in the young parents in my family and the nearby community. As I have always proven as a trustworthy and capable person, it would not be difficult for me to convince them to enroll their children within my center. Also, considered that they are satisfied with the services (which will meet the highest standards of quality), they could also bring in new customers through word of mouth - a highly powerful marketing tool.

However the lack of previous experience in directly working with young children could be considered as a downfall, I do not look at it from this standpoint, as I will hire specialized personnel to handle the children and I will only be focused on the administrative operations. As such, my numerous years of business education and expertise will help me identify and seize the opportunities presented by the environment, identify and reduce the negative impact of any threats in the environment, identify and seize the beneficial results of the kindergarten's internal strengths and identify and minimize the negative impact of any internal weaknesses. My expertise and skills are also wide relative to organizing, managing and delegating responsibilities. I try to be a fair and just person, listen to what the people around me have to say and make the best informed and objective ideas. In the past, this has only helped get respect from my coworkers. I am less of a social and talkative individual, but my abilities to listen and my commitment will only materialize in better served children and better satisfied parents.

I am a determined person, with high attention to details and innate perfectionist attributes. I have the ability to "see through people" and, supported by rigorous selection methods, I am confident I will only hire the best employees. I have a strong commitment to my ideas and I become attached to the people around me. In this order of ideas, I am more than sure that I will give my best to support the healthy and happy development of the children within the day care center.

External Opportunities

The main opportunity presented by the surrounding environment materializes in increased numbers of children who need kindergarten education. Not only that their numbers are quite high in the present, but their will increase in the future as the natality rates increase. For instance, the average birth rate for the United States is of 14.18 births per one thousand individuals (Central Intelligence Agency, 2008), the Texas average is of 17.1 birth per one thousand individuals (National Center for Health Statistics, 2004)

The number of children needing day care education increases with every year, but this does not occur solely due to the increasing natality rates in Texas, but also due to a more modern force: working women. Since more and more young mothers chose to work outside the home and are highly focused on careers, they tend to go back to the job not long after giving birth. As such, the demand for day care centers continues to increase.

Another opportunity of the environment revolves around an increased emphasis placed on the education of the young children. However parents have generally been focused on offering the best for their children, the tendencies seem to increase in the contemporaneous society, where the competition to getting the best jobs is ruthless. As a result, parents are no longer focused solely on the college their children enter, but they make year long calculi to identify which kindergarten will help them get in to the desired primary school and then on to the desired college. Foremost, the emphasis on the day care is further more increased as studies have revealed that the education received during kindergarten can impact the future development of the child. The higher the quality of the services delivered by the day care center, the better chances the child stands to become a successful individual, socially and mentally integrated within the community. "Youngsters who spent their first four and a half years in higher-quality child care arrangements scored better on tests of cognitive skills and language ability than did those in lower-quality care" (USA Today, 2001)

The state officials within Texas have analyzed the insufficiency of the day care centers and have taken a proactive approach, generically materialized in the opening of more kindergartens. But sadly, their efforts have stopped here and the quality of the delivered services is quite poor and disliked by the parents (Gold, 1987). As such, the need for better specialized and more efficient day care centers continues to increase, creating a favorable external opportunity for my day care center.

All in all, the opportunities of the external environment materialize in a strong need for better specialized day care centers that offer high quality services, generated by the changes in the society, namely the increasing number of working mothers and the stronger emphasis placed on early education.

3. Goals and Skills Needed to Achieve the Objectives

The primary goal is to open the day care center and successfully manage it. In order to achieve this desiderate however, several subgoals must be met. The smaller goals that will in the end ensure the achievement of the overall objective could easily refer to finding a most favorable location that will meet the highest standards of quality, hiring the best skilled employees to serve the needs of the children and satisfy the parents or increasing the number of customers. All actions will be implemented with the ultimate goal of registering satisfactory profits, but throughout the courses of action, increased emphasis will be placed on the full satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants, the needs of the personnel and the development of the community where the kindergarten will operate.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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