Personal Goal Statement Degree: PhD Education Technology Term Paper

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Personal Goal Statement

Degree: PhD Education Technology

Specialization: Instructional and specialization design

Personal/Professional Goals

For the past ten years I have had the privilege of working in the field of computer science. My most rewarding experiences have been as an educator writing user manuals for both laypersons and specialists and as an instructor teaching students of a variety of ability levels, from high school students to undergraduates who desire to enter a technical field. My ultimate professional ambition is use my technological expertise and passion for teaching to design instructional technology materials and curriculum. This will involve using asynchronous web-based and synchronous delivery platforms to create educational material for students who are unable to attend college a traditional classroom setting or who wish to enhance their education or professional goals through a distance learning online format.

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Obtaining a PhD Education Technology with a concentration in instructional and specialization design in a distance learning format would seem like the ideal way to achieve my ambitions. It would also give me exposure to life as a student once again and enable me to learn about the ever-changing field of computer science. I hope to delve deeper into how to effectively manage multimedia projects for students. As I wish to use my degree to make distance learning more effective, experiencing my degree from the point-of-view of such a student would itself add an additional educational 'experiential' component to my degree. I chose this particular distance university because I have heard former students praise it on numerous occasions. I hope to be able to finish my dissertation and the program by 2009.

Academic Experience

TOPIC: Term Paper on Personal Goal Statement Degree: PhD Education Technology Assignment

My undergraduate degree is in Computer Science and my graduate degree is in Electronic Commerce. My chosen specialization will enable me to learn how to better combine effective online teaching techniques with my computer science background. My degree in electronic commerce will also give me additional background in marketing online learning experiences to students, and matching the needs of the customer, in this case the student, to the product. Furthermore, as many online students are choosing to gain degrees in my graduate field, I will have additional experience in using my knowledge to create effective curriculums.

As well as receiving an education in these disciplines relevant to my desired degree, I have worked as a teacher myself and taught high school students academic math and critical thinking. At the college level I have taught computer science, technical math, and designed technical curriculums for students with varying levels of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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