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Carson's emphasis on honesty, self-honesty in particular. Her iteration of the quip "to thine own self be true" relates to humanistic leadership in a direct manner, reflecting both transformational and servant leadership. This emphasis on the character of the leader as it relates to her style reminds me of trait theories of leadership. Balancing "soft" traits like empathy and compassion with "harder" traits like persuasiveness, decisiveness, and goal-orientation, an effective leader will demonstrate an ability to get the job done. Goals should never be sacrificed; the members of the group do not always need to like the leader personally, so long as harmony is preserved. "To thine own self be true," because a leader can't please everyone.

From the theories taught in class, I can better comprehend the intricate psychological and sociological dynamics of leadership, which are often taken for granted. Left unanalysed, leadership can seem out of reach. Examining the various theories of leadership from the textbooks and class lectures helps me become more aware of my own potential as a leader. The theories also make me more conscious of my shortcomings and strengths, encouraging me to focus attention on areas of my personality that need coaching or change in order to become a more effective leader. This analysis also helps me appreciate better the tasks and trials of public figures.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Someone like Tenzin Gyatso, better known as the Dalai Lama, is an extraordinary leader and public figure. Governing his people while he and they remain exiled in India, the political and religious leader of Tibet demonstrates personal qualities like humour that inform his leadership style. Emerging from the immense struggle of being banished from the Tibetan plateau, the Dalai Lama was chosen at a young age to lead his people. With some formal training by monks and advisors, Tenzin Gyatso developed a unique governing style based on servant leadership. Because his training was as spiritual in nature as it was political, the Dalai Lama's leadership style naturally seems steeped in stewardship to the community and to the world at large. His refusal to take up arms against the Chinese government demonstrates wisdom and foresight. His transforming leadership becomes a moral state, as it raises the level of consciousness among his followers. The Dalai Lama also exhibits personal/situational leadership, as the context of his circumstances determines his role. Furthermore, the focus is not just on the persona of the Dalai Lama but also on the plight of the entire Tibetan community.

Just as my interview with Jane Carson helped elucidate my own goals as a leader, considering the case of the Dalai Lama also reminds me that ethics and leadership can coexist. Reflecting my innate style and my ambitions as leader, the Dalai Lama demonstrates leadership with moral character, integrity and a committment to ethical ideals even more than material ones.

The professor of this course can help me achieve my goals as a leader by offering me opportunities that encourage me to lead. Because I need to learn from experience and not just theories, hands-on opportunities would be the most valuable tool for teaching me. My main weakness may be my lack of experience, which engenders a lack of self-confidence or verve. It is also difficult to develop a clear personal style or philosophy of leadership without direct, first-hand knowledge. While the class fosters self-awareness and an intelligent examination of the foundation of leadership, I also need to take a more active role. Finding myself reflected in the various theories of leadership helps me hone my skills and overcome weaknesses like doubt and indecisiveness. A self-aware leader simultaneously cultivates group harmony and accomplishes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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