Personal Perspectives on Living Book Review

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IV. What Was Learned from This Individuals' Account of Their Experience?

Galvez states that the "common denominators for a successful rehab process are a positive attitude, a good sense of humor and a strong support system." (2010) Galvez learned that there are five symptoms that point to a potential diagnosis of a brain tumor including: (1) headache; (2) dizziness; (3) nausea; (4) facial/tongue numbness -- frequently biting your tongue, lip, or cheek; and (5) loss of appetite. (Galvez, ) Lessons Galvez states that he learned are the following lessons: (1) tell the doctor everything; (2) do your homework; (3) write down a list of questions for the doctor; (4) bring at least one other calm person with you to the doctor's office to take notes; and (5) don't bring anyone with you who might get too emotional. (2010)

The list that Galvez prepared for his doctor upon finding out that he had a brain tumor included the questions asking: (1) what is the prognosis? (2) what specific procedures can be done to take this thing out? (3) how common is this tumor? (4) How did it grow so big? (5) How long is the rehab? What kind of lingering effect should I expect? Timelines? (6) Is there a chance for relapse? Is there anything I can do to prevent it happening again? (7) What caused the tumor? (8) Am I now at risk for new tumors to pop up? (9) When can a procedure be scheduled? (2010)

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Galvez learned a great many things from his experience and among these is learning how it feels to be in the position of the patient of who on the receiving end of surgery and treatment in physical therapy. Galvez gained the view of patients as they undergo physical therapy and understood how scared and how tired patients become during physical therapy sessions.

Galvez specifically states:

"The whole experience made me realize that no two people will experience things the same way." (2010)

Book Review on Personal Perspectives on Living With Assignment

Galvez goes through the normal loss of hair from radiation and graduates from the wheelchair to a walking cane and relates the challenges of getting around in a crowd. Galvez ends his story relating that he is now a physical therapist practicing "for a little more than eleven years" and working in a San Diego hospital. Galvez relates the story of a patient who he is working with and how his experience as a patient assist him in working with his patients. Galvez gained a great deal of empathy and understanding of his patients in terms of what they are feeling and the challenges that they face as they attempt to regain use of their physical abilities following injury or surgery.

Summary and Conclusion

The story related by Galvez (2010) highlights the importance of the understanding that the physical therapist needs to effectively work with their patients who are attempting to overcome physical challenges following injury or surgery. This is important not just in the field of physical therapy but in fact it important in all fields of practice across all sectors and professions. Empathy is particularly important for the individual engaged in a career in the area of health care service delivery.


Galvez, Anthony (2010) Reversal: When a Therapist Becomes a Patient. Health and Fitness.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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