Personal Philosophy of Nursing Research Paper

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Philosophy of Nursing


My professional and personal interest in health contributes to my perspective that health should be a prominent issue in every person's life. This concept is fundamental to my philosophy of nursing. Health should always have some part of our attention. Mental health, emotional health, and physical health are interconnected; no one aspect of health is more important than the others. My life experience and my professional experience has proven to me be repeatedly and very clearly the necessity for strong health. I am aware of the significance of health professionals and the potential the health industry has to affect great change on individual, societies, and the world. The paper illustrates my philosophy and predictions for the field of nursing.

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When people feel passion toward a subject or activity, they devote themselves sincerely and genuinely to endeavors revolving around that topic. In my case, it is nursing to which I am devoted. Nursing is more than a profession for me; it is what I am meant to do with my life. I think nursing is the type of profession where it is very possible to be overwhelmed and to easily be caught up in the work -- to be busy "getting the hang" of the work, so to speak. Yet nursing is a profession where reflection is a huge asset because as we encounter a variety of patients, situations, and challenges, ideally, we become better at what we do because we have integrated those experiences into our current skill set and practice. I am specifically interested in present laws, as well as developing new laws that improve nursing and protect nurses in the workplace. My interest in my helping my community, strengthening families, and helping people live better lives inspire me to earn the appropriate, recognized credentials of a fully accredited and registered family nurse practitioner.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

At the core of nursing should be empathy, diligence, and confidence. Nursing is a part of medicine, which is a type of civil or social service to society. Nurses deal with people; this is a profession that requires empathy. I do not advocate for nurses to be weak or naive, but I do think that nursing needs to be very much aware of the human element. Unfortunately, most people do not encounter nurses until after something detrimental has occurred; people are in highly emotional states. In order for nurses to get the information they need so that the appropriate care can be provided, nurses need to have a sense of what others are going through or else there will likely be numerous arguments between patients, families, and nursing staff, which only exacerbates a likely already tense situation. With nursing, "the devil is in the details," meaning that the profession demands attention to detail as well as quick action, which is why at the core of nursing I believe confidence is there, too. There will be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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