Personal Portfolio Research Proposal

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Personal Portfolio


From an academic perspective, my BA in Administration and current Master Degree I am pursuing in Human Resources Management are clear indications that I am interested in both working with individuals and in being able to strategize and lead them according to the business vision I have. As a general manager at a company, I also aim to be able to look after managerial details, but also delegate when necessary and better learn how to set up appropriate mechanisms of control and feedback.

In my opinion, the employees I work to would recognize some of the skills I have listed below and would have similar evaluations on my competences. As a general manager, I have always encouraged an open communication environment, one where dialogue is promoted and where everyone will get a say in the different matters that are being discussed. Given these considerations, I tend to think that they would positively evaluate my social and communication skills in the office space.


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The exploration process is extremely relevant in the current economic and business environment, mainly because of the economic and financial crisis that tends to affect not only businesses, but also individuals, the way they perceive their activity at work, their availability and capacity to perform tasks. This would be the first aspect I will need to be considering, a process that will expand my perspective beyond the business I manage and more into the external environment. It will be important for me to thus understand how the business is part of a larger framework and how some of the elements in this larger framework will affect the business.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Personal Portfolio Assignment

The specification process will make me better understand what I plan to do in the future. I think that there are two options I am considering at this point. One would be to continue for a longer period of time as a general manager with Dry Cleaning depot Inc., but with a set objective to grow and further develop the business. This would mean assuming a 4-6 years vision during which I would set for myself generous strategic goals as general manager, such as growing the level of revenues, increasing the volume of sales, perhaps also moving into related economic areas.

The second option would be to move onto a similar position into a larger organization. The advantages of such an option would be that a larger organization would be able to offer bigger resources and a different environment, one in which the development of myself as a working individual is easier to achieve. On the other hand, a larger company may have less of an availability to embrace my own vision for the development of the company.


It is obvious that no one plan would be enough to cover all of the different aspects that may arise out of the targeting phase, namely the exact strategic plan through which either of the two objectives presented in the targeting phase will be reached. However, there are several actions that should be involved in the process. Regarding the first objective (remaining a general manager at Dry Cleaning Depot Inc.), the elements that are likely to influence my evolution are both external and internal and these need to be understood and explained in the "understanding the system" phase.

The external factors include the economic factors that have been discussed and my capacity, as a general manager, to minimize the effects that these can have on the company I manage. The fact that I have fixed as a vision the development and growth of the company and as a strategic objective the growth in volume of sales can be significantly affected if the overall economic situation does not improve.

The latter deeply affects the aggregate demand on the market, including in what dry cleaning is concerned. In years of economic strife, customers are much more likely to give up on what they perceive as luxury activities and substitute them with t hose that can either be done at home or cheaply elsewhere. Other factors that I will consider are technological or demographic factors. Both of these will affect the productivity of the organization and its ability to further develop.

The internal factors are, most importantly, related to the existing human resource in the organization and to the capacity of these individuals to commit themselves to the goals proposed. It also depends on their openness to diversifying their skills, improving and acquiring new ones through training seminars and accepting new challenges. However, one important internal factor is also the leadership and my capacity, as a general manager, to motivate the staff, make the employees understand the requirements of the business and how we can reach the objectives that have been set.

In the "synthesizing the information" phase, the most important part is probably the planning part. Taking into consideration all the aspects mentioned here, both internal and external factors, the challenge is to plan accordingly in order to reach the 4-6 years strategic objectives that have been mentioned. Planning will involve a detailed list of strategic and tactic actions that are aimed at providing the implementation means for reaching the objectives.

One important part in this phase is also to have a contingency plan in case things do not always work out the way they are planned to. For example, if I decide to move on to another organization, I should think beforehand of ways in which I can convince my employers to take into consideration some of the ideas I have and would like to implement.


In terms of skills, during a really good day at work, I best draw on my leadership skills. This is obviously a vast category of skills, but one that is essential for a general manager. The leadership skills, besides the communication and social skills described below, encompass good planning and organizational skills, which are determining how the employees will understand the vision of the company and how to reach that vision through the instruments provided.

At the same time, I also draw on my social skills. Working and coordinating people means that a good manager needs to understand when he or she can make a joke with the employees, stimulate their social qualities, encourage them to work in a team etc. Using my social skills often enables me to get a higher productivity level from the employees simply because they become more relaxed at work, enjoy the working environment and the work they do.

Hand in hand with the social skills go the communication skills, which I also use quite a lot at work. Good communication is probably the most important part of my job. Being able to communicate well with one's employees means that they will be able to understand what is required of them and, at the same time, that we can identify and solve any problems that may appear along the way.

The three skills that I would like to develop more are both tied with my active professional profile, as the general manager of Dry Cleaning Depot Inc. And with my academic profile, as a student for a master in human resources management. As such, the first skills (or category of skills) that I would like to develop are the organizational skills. Sometimes, it is a challenge being able not necessarily to plan or strategize, but to be able to keep track of all the activities that need to be supported within the organization I am leading, as well as any additional logistical or administrative issues.

Better organizational skills will also help in my academic and personal life, because I would be able to better manage tasks from these segments of activity as well, not only the professional environment.

In terms of organizational skills, I would also include the skill of being able to delegate work. As a good manager, I am trying more and more to substitute my own work on different issues within the business with a simple leadership approach, with a good feedback and control mechanism, by which other employees within the business can perform that task under my supervision and subsequent control and feedback. Often, I tend to prefer doing as much as possible on my own out of the perception that it takes less time and effort.

I would also like to improve my learning skills. As previously mentioned, an important part of my activity is related to the teaching skills: as a good manager, you try to pass on as much as possible your knowledge to your employees and to the people you work with. However, they are also the best persons you can learn from, because each of them brings their own experience to the business.

Finally, I would also like to improve my leadership skills. I have mentioned initially that I felt that this is one category of skills that I draw upon quite well in my business activity. However, it is my belief that this is a category… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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