Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back Essay

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Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back

One of my key values today is efficacy. I like to get things done and I am highly result-oriented. However, based on previous experiences I acknowledge the fact that in the race for the result I often tend to move fast and not wait for my teammates. I believe that being a leader in the working field is an important accomplishment and I realize that a lot of work is needed in this direction. Nevertheless, I realize that being a leader implies so much more than dedicating all the attention to myself. As others have made me understand, I should try to be a better listener. I rely highly upon myself, but I should also open myself more in order to appreciate the insight others can bring.

An important episode from which I have learned is the leadership trip where the school sent us to the mountains in order to develop our leadership skills. Some of the characteristics mentioned above were actually highlighted on this occasion. A further important lesson that the this episode allowed me to learn was the flexibility. If a solution which one considers to be good is applied and fails to achieve its goal repeatedly, then it is time to come up with another solution.

As far as I'm concerned, it is important to have an open mentality. It is true that are some basic things that one ought to know, just as it is true that experience is a solid source of knowledge. However, keeping an open mind to new and unexpected alternatives might be a strategic factor in becoming a good leader.

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I think that a good leader has a strong background in terms of both knowledge and experience and is also capable of sharing it with his teammates. The mountain trip I have written about was an opportunity to demonstrate that I am a good communicator when it comes to passing knowledge and information.

Essay on Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back One Assignment

Speaking of more general values I must confess that my personal history and that of my family played an important role in shaping them. My father died when I was nine, therefore my single mother had to take care of me and my brother and sister. This fact marked me in a very profound manner, teaching me the fundamental value of coordinates such as hard work, honesty, integrity, faith, excellence, honor and determination.

One of the people who marked my life and the way I am in an extremely profound manner was my mother. She started out as a school teacher and progressed to become the director of northern Saudi Arabia education board. For me this is an example that hard work and a strong will, together with courage and strong moral principles are the key to self development. A professional career is not something that is desirable because society teaches you this. It is desirable because it is a means of developing the self and realizing your potential. Fundamentally it is an act of creation which gives meaning to life.

Another person who influenced my life profoundly is my older brother Abdul. It is safe to say that he was my mentor. He always believed in me, supported me and never judged, regardless of the situation. This sort of unconditional support was extremely helpful for me. After high school I joined the KSU University in Riyadh Saudi Arabia as an industrial engineering student. However, I did not take the opportunity seriously and I never graduated. After five years spent at the university and no future plans, it was my brother who asked me some fundamental questions which made me have a better level of self-awareness. These questions were: what are you doing right now and do you see any future in what you are doing now. Naturally, I was unable to answer these questions because I was too ashamed of the answers. My brother told me that only a fool follows a street which he knows that leads nowhere. He advised me to drop everything, go to the U.S., take a degree I was interested in, change my life and do something which actually offers me a future perspective.

And this is exactly what I did. I graduated in Denver with a bachelor of science in international business. I was honored by the school in five different occasions during my undergraduate degree. Now I am doing a masters in the science of finance. Oen of the things which my brother taught me was the importance of doing what you want. This is rewarding and motivating. I learned that in life one must set his own goals.

I am generous and I like to help people, my tutoring activities being a proof in this regard. I believe that work is a powerful source of knowledge therefore I try to do my best in achieving practical experience.

1.B. Personal vision on leadership

I believe that a leader is not someone who already possesses the solution and is meant to impose it on others, but a skilled communicator who knows how to stimulate his teammates in a manner that will help the team achieve outstanding rewards. I enjoy managing people, but not to the extent that they are forced to follow my lead. I believe that the efficiency and efficacy of people's actions diminishes in a tragical manner when they are forced to do something .

I want to be a leader, but at the same time I have to underline that I do not value my opinion better than the opinions of others. On the contrary I think that everyone's opinion is just as credible of mine. Hence the importance of listening to the others. Naturally, a leader must have the intelligence to select the most relevant information and put it together in a s smart way.

When it comes to leading techniques, I think that communication plays a fundamental role. I think that verbalizing one's thoughts is essential and that dialogue can be used as a strategic tool. I have a personal example when it comes to leadership and it is embodied by Nelson Mandela. I love his leadership style, his compassion and piercing vision. I agree to the fact that business is profit oriented. However, I believe that a leader must never forget that business is made, driven, supported by people and that the well being of those people will impact the well being of the business (just like the contrary is also true). Therefore, a leader should think in humanist terms as well, and not only in formulas meant to improve the quantity of production.

Leadership is directly connected to power and influence. I believe that power and influence should be used for the benefit of the humankind. I must underline that according to my view, power should be accompanied by good judgment. I like to be in a position which allows me to help other people. Leadership is such a position, which allows you to actually make a difference in people's lives. I believe that the most important legacies I could leave as a leader include love, hope and compassion. For example, if I could think of a situation in which after having invented a genius theory in economics, I could choose between using it in order to gain a lot of money (by let us say selling it) and using it for the improvement of everybody's lives, I would definitely choose the second option.

I think that leaders ought to lead by providing a support system for their followers. In addition, it would be important for leaders to contribute to the improvement of the circumstances the others find themselves in. I feel that I lead best by collaborating with others in the problem-solving process as opposed to discovering the answers entirely on my own. I believe that a good leader is one who encourages others to strive for their best. Creating the circumstances in which the other team members can fulfill their potential best is one of the conditions which I think are required by a good leader.

I believe that a leader must lead through communication but also through the power of the personal example must be motivating and inspiring, he must become a role model. It is very difficult to motivate people to give the best of them through financial rewards or through punishment systems. I believe that the best way to motivate them is to insist upon the development and realization of the self. As far as my personal leadership dream is concerned, it refers to being nominated for the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economics Sciences in the memory of Alfred Nobel. There could be no higher legacy that I could leave after I am gone, but not through the nomination itself, but through the contribution which has led to it- because it would mean having actually contributed to the improvement of people's lives. In this manner I will have contributed to a better life for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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