Personal Statement it Is Important in Life Essay

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Personal Statement

It is important in life to have some guiding principles as they allow you to grow as a person, become a better human being and also assist your professional growth. The one principle I have found to be particularly useful is that of confidence without attitude. it's so often that we meet confident people and do not feel comfortable around them. However confidence in itself is not a bad quality. In fact it is a wonderful asset when used properly and when it doesn't make you overbearing.

The reason I chose confidence without attitude is because I wasn't one of those who were born confident. It took me a long time and a hard road that finally helped me become confident and gain the kind of confidence I wanted in myself. When you work very hard for something, it normally comes with a bit of humility. So I believe that if I could separate attitude from confidence, it was simply because of the fact that I can still empathize with those who are struggling with confidence issues. I do not look down upon them because I was there once and it was not a very desirable place to be in.

Attitude is any situation is rather repulsive. It is especially not needed when one is already a confident person. It tends to make a person overconfident and it's true that we do not really need to be overconfident because that is only a sign of weakness and insecurity.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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