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It is the pharmacist's duty and ethical obligation to be sensitive to such natural uncertainties, and to be a teacher as well as a technician and scientist. A good scientist must bring patients into a state of better mental comfort and awareness of the patient's physiology and how the prescribed treatment may alleviate the patient's illness. Only by doing so can a pharmacist be certain that a drug treatment plan, particularly if self-administered by the patient at home, will prove efficacious. My own adjustment to the United States has taught me sensitivity, compassion and an awareness of the diversity of cultural attitudes towards drugs, healing and medicine.

My own cultural and linguistic background also provides me with unique additional competence for the pharmaceutical profession. In addition to the strength and humility I have gained from my life experiences, I believe I have a strong grasp of the medicine and healing philosophy of traditional Southeast Asian medicine, combined with the scientific methodology of Western medicine. This can prove to be a powerful blend of different yet complementary attitudes.

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Understanding different cultural attitudes and traditions in general is also critical for a pharmacist to speak the language, not just the literal language, but also the cultural language, of the pharmacy's patients. I was raised in a bicultural household rooted in both the Chinese and Vietnamese traditions. I spent much of my youth in Germany and later lived in Lyon, France. In addition to my native Cantonese and Vietnamese, over the course of my life's travels, I became fluent in English and French, as well as Latin. Thus I am versed in the languages of many potential patients, and also the ancient language of medicine.

Term Paper on Personal Statement: Regarding My Future Assignment

I am aware of the existence of different cultural and medicinal outlooks regarding potential treatments. I can approach explaining a drug or treatment plan from the patient's own cultural perspective, rather than simply a highly technical or Western perspective. I know there is never any one correct answer to healing the human body. Rather I look forward to relying on this cultural and linguistic adaptability when interacting with patients and costumers from around the world. I hope to aid all of my patients, of many different backgrounds, to understand how and why they must become an active partner in taking responsibility for their health. I decided upon my career path in life many years ago, in my childhood land many miles away. This dream has become cemented in my academic experiences, my careful deliberation and my extensive research of the current state of modern pharmacology in America. When my professional knowledge, acquired from the graduate school is combined with my passion to genuinely care for each of my patients, I am certain of my future success in the pharmaceutical profession. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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