Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement

This is a 'personal statement' by & #8230;.. To explain in detail why I am interested in studying the pharmacy course and why I am passionate about it.

I wish to present my case in four different views. Firstly, it relates to the personal goals I wish to achieve. The second is the personal background that has drawn me to the course, and the passion I have for this work. The third relates to my current qualifications and the last is my experience working with pharmacists which made me understand the profession. These four arguments show as to the reasons why I may be given the opportunity of pursuing the study.

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Let me first of all start describing about my ambition of being a pharmacist. My ultimate goal in life is to open my own pharmacy and studying for this course would help me in a great way towards attaining my ambition. Thus this course would be the stepping stone to my career and my life's ambition. The reason for me choosing this particular profession can be traced to my background -- my life in Iraq and my subsequent interest and fascination towards a pharmacist's profession as will be shown in the next paragraph. To fulfill my ambition, as a first step I became a Pharmacy technician. I am aware that the work of the pharmacists is somewhat different from the technician; however there is a common thread that flows with both the work. It is only natural that the opportunity of interaction with the pharmacists enabled me to understand the profession on a deeper level. In helping me further my life goal, I submit that I be considered as a possible candidate, considering my experience and genuine interest.

Essay on Personal Statement This Is a 'Personal Statement' Assignment

2. My earlier years and personal experience while I was living in Iraq have to be recounted in detail. I have lived through troubled times in Iraq. Having lived there for twenty five years, I was a witness to the wars, and had opportunities to see the services of the pharmacists and what they could do to alleviate the sufferings of the people. My cousin was a pharmacist and she was helping not only our family but the whole community in that role. It was a role model for me. It instilled in me the desire to help people. I came to the U.S. In 2006. The fact that in the U.S. I chose to become a pharmacy technician - a step to willingly be involved in the process of helping the people with various needs show that I have taken the first possible step in realizing my goal and I was earnest about it. Given the opportunity to pursue… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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