Personal Thoughts Term Paper

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Personal Thoughts

Dear Sirs

Attached, please find all necessary documents and evidence pertaining to my request for recognition and accreditation of my previous learning, based on work experience and relative to personal scholarship.

Why an MBA?

Personal and Original Expectations

My career goal is to enter the corporate world of fitness by applying the experiences of seven years of higher education and three years of industry application. With high levels of success as a fitness manager and innovative product ideas, I bring many strong assets and values to future goals.

My strongest character attributes are confidence, ambition, loyalty, and ability. For twelve years, it has been a personal and driving goal to make a difference in the world of human fitness. No rash decision, years of dreaming, planning, and imaging my successes have consumed my personal vision. Expectation Changes

Email me with what changed from the time you began wanting this goal to now; committees are looking for a reality-check here. Take your 'childhood' dreams and morph them into an adults goal set.

Process Development

Here, the committee wants to know how you have developed your goals; what individual steps have you taken to make it happen? It is important here to stress the challenges and self-carving process one undergoes in pursuit of a dream.


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An important part of successful results is in the path of determining upon what one should focus. Many people work very hard all day doing little jobs that do not affect the quality of their work.

This skill concentrates on clarifying what you enjoy, understanding where ones strengths and weaknesses lie, and working out the twin dynamic of what your job entails and what constitutes excellent performance.

It is important for your own quality of life that you enjoy your job. If you understand - at least in broad strokes - what you like and dislike, you will be more able to move your job toward doing things that you enjoy. This is important; one is much more likely to do the work effectively if able to love it rather than loathe it.

Term Paper on Personal Thoughts Dear Sirs Attached, Please Find Assignment

Industry Discoveries

Communication skills, including written and oral presentations, as well as an ability to work with others, are the main factors contributing to my job success.

Through my various positions since 1993… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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