Personal Training Senior Fitness Essay

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Personal Training Senior Fitness

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Exercising with osteoarthritis can be painful if not done correctly and is too strenuous since cartilage between the joints has broken down, thus resulting in pain. Therefore, an appropriate exercise regime is significant for Maddie, which should include strength training and low-intensity aerobics. The latter form of motion is less taxing on the joints so walking, swimming, and if permitted, cycling can be incorporated. Strength training is important because it helps build muscles and may regress the progress of osteoarthritis. Therefore, Maddie may work with light dumbbells, thera-band stability trainers, and may attend Pilates classes, yoga, stretch, and tai chi. In a study led by Boeer, it showed those who exercised with thera-band stability trainers and had hip osteoarthritis increased their balance, thus reducing the risk of falling. In training Maddie, I would definitely include tai chi because as shown in a study by Song, forms of tai chi were designed to lessen the effects of osteoarthritis. The investigation concluded that performing the various movements of said exercise style, the symptoms of the disease was improved along with better balance. Aquatic aerobics is recommended because the water supports most of Maddie's weight, thus less stress on the joints and body. The client can and will be able to receive a great workout since water creates more resistance, which allows Maddie to create muscle and strengthen muscles with less strain and pain. Exercising in the water is especially helpful with knee and hip osteoarthritis, in particular water walking. This type of regimen tones different muscles depending on the way the client walks, whether backwards or sideways. A study done by Wyatt was to demonstrate the effects of aquatic exercise and traditional exercise on those with knee osteoarthritis. The investigation showed those who undergone water exercise experienced less pain than those who exercised on land.

TOPIC: Essay on Personal Training Senior Fitness Assignment

Maddie may also incorporate gym equipment despite her osteoarthritis. She may be on a stationary bike or an elliptical since they do not stress the joints. The former can be a recumbent bike since it leans back and reduces tension. Knee and back strain is further reduced when Maddie orients the pedals further away. The latter machine emulates walking and stair climbing and a bike, but providing the potency of a cardio workout. Maddie can change things up by going on a treadmill, which she can pace herself appropriately and walk, which is also low-intensity and great for her osteoarthritis. A study was done by Roddy questioning the efficacy of aerobic walking and quadriceps strengthening exercise at home. The outcome was that one exercise regimen wasn't more effective than the other. In fact, both forms showed reduced pain in those with knee osteoarthritis, which broadens the exercise programs offered to patients. In another study led by Bennell, there was a positive correlation between those who had weak quadriceps and the risk of osteoarthritis. Therefore, ways to build up muscles effectively influence the decreased progression of the condition. In the end, the client may exercise as long as she doesn't over-train because then her osteoarthritis may progress for the worse, and cause more stress on the joints than is medically advised.

Maddie was part sedentary in her life and it may have contributed to her osteoarthritis because when a joint isn't utilized as much or at all, it lacks power and energy, thus becoming rigid. Eventually, the joint will cause pain and lose its mobility. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle may cause an individual to gain weight, and with more pressure on the joints, the risk of osteoarthritis is increased. In a study done by Dr. Felson, there was a positive relationship between the incidence of obesity and the cause of osteoarthritis, particularly in the knees. The aforementioned physician also led a study to effectively show how weight loss dramatically reduced the risk of developing the disease.

A culmination of all the aforementioned exercises, for weeks one to three, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for strength training, I would have Maddie do… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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