Personal Wellness Philosophy Term Paper

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Personal Wellness Philosophy

My personal wellness philosophy includes two important components- the internal and the external. It's important that I feel healthy and happy about my general well-being, with good and bad stresses. Generally, I think internal wellness is accepting and loving my body and the things that surround me and foster a generally positive attitude. This internal wellness impacts my fitness and health as it allows me to fuel my workouts, because I know that it will allow me to have more energy and will help me feel better about myself. The external wellness is that of wanting to be healthy, toned and athletic. This external component of my personal wellness philosophy definitely relates and positively impacts my fitness and health as it helps me get to the gym and work on both cardio activities as well as weights.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Personal Wellness Philosophy Assignment

The philosophy that I harbor towards my body and mind has been influenced by society, family and culture, as well as the information that I have learned over the years. Society and culture has emphasized, especially with new healthcare legislation, that being healthy and leaner is the body type that is sought after and more accepted by society; therefore, it has influenced my eating habits and fitness goals. My family and the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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