Personality and Abnormal Psychology Essay

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Abnormal Psych

Carl Rogers' person-centered theory is based on the assumption that human beings are essentially good. How would Rogers approach extreme cases of misanthropy, such as terrorism or sociopathy?

Rogers would have claimed that in all cases of extreme misanthropy, the individual held and then acted upon distorted views. Although Rogers would have admitted that each individual case is different, he would have acknowledged the universal human need for empathy and unconditional love. Misanthropes and psychopaths must, according to Rogers, have reacted to fear and anxiety and turned those emotions into violent behaviors. Even if Rogers could not have successfully treated a sociopath or a terrorist, he would have avowed the relevance of person-centered therapy as being the only way to perpetuate compassion for the human experience.

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Freud believed in a deterministic view of the psyche. Human beings are basically slaves to internal drives and instincts. Freud proposed multiple levels of consciousness including the unconscious, pre-conscious, and conscious. The unconscious contains the instincts that human beings are unaware of on a conscious level but which to a large degree determine feelings and behaviors. The pre-conscious is the level where such suppressed and unconscious motives start to bubble to the surface, or the conscious level. Anything human beings are aware of is at the conscious level. The three levels of consciousness are parallel with the three parts of the human being: id, ego, and superego. The id is the emotionally driven part of the human being that only seeks immediate gratification and operates based on unconscious impulses. The ego is the conscious mind aware of the self, and the super ego is the list of social norms. Because the super ego seeks to restrict and control impulses, it can create anxiety within the ego as it mitigates between id and superego.

TOPIC: Essay on Personality and Abnormal Psychology Assignment

3. Freud's theories focus almost exclusively on negative emotions. How might Freud address the positive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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