Personality Assessment ID 69079 Personality Assessments Question Term Paper

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Personality Assessment

ID 69079 Personality Assessments

Question # 1 to what degree do you feel this is an accurate assessment of your personality?

There are a number of personality assessment levels in the IPIP-NEO Narrative Report that I agree with, however there are points that in my opinion do not reflect the person I believe myself to be. I do realize that my opinion is biased considering that the assessment has been done on myself; however, I still do not think that certain points that are considered "bad" in the assessment are in fact a negative; there are personality traits and flaws that I believe are necessary for everyone to function on a daily basis. Nonetheless, I must agree that there are areas that require improvement and more attention than others do. In the assessment my scores were mostly average, There were only a few that indicated a low score, and therefore raise a need for further concern and assessment.

Question #2 what are your strengths that will serve you well, especially in terms of a career?

In the assessment I have a high level of self-discipline, this means will power is high, I am viewed as an individual that will persist in any situation no matter how difficult; I have the ability to overcome reluctance in starting a new task or finishing an old one. In any career, an employer wants an individual that can stay focused on the task, carry it through, and correct any possible problems that may occur. Therefore, this is a significant area to have a high level. Employers will see a person that will "get the job done."

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Question#3 what are your weaknesses which might hinder you in your career and which you might want to work on?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Personality Assessment ID 69079 Personality Assessments Question Assignment

Considering the findings presented by the assessment that following areas are considered low and therefore… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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