Personality and Leadership Research Paper

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It is apparent from the research materials presented that ethical leadership, first of all, is being thoroughly studied in a post-Enron, post-WorldCom era, and for good reason. Secondly, the linkage between the traits and antecedents of personality has found a prominent place in the literature. And thirdly, given that within the global business environment in this millennium there has been a new, inspired emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities for companies, hiring a leader -- or training a potential leader -- requires an organization to delve deeply into -- and utilize fully -- the Big Five leadership components. Leaders after all are required to provide vision for the future as well as role modeling every minute of every day.

This paper posits that leaders are not born with the skills of leadership but rather they are nurtured and trained to be leaders; and moreover, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and a leader's emotional stability -- along with a well-developed superego -- can and will impact employees in positive ways, moving any organization forward on an optimistic path.

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Research Paper on Personality and Leadership Personality Most Assignment

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