Personality Theory and Psychological Disorder Term Paper

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Personality Theory and Psychological Disorder

Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory

The Social Cognitive Theory presents one of the best models of the human learning process actually works. His theory of learned behavior through observation "represents a break from traditional theories by proposing that cognitive factors are central to human functioning and that learning can occur in the absence of direct reinforcement," (Monash University 2007). Humans are social creatures, this model places observation of the external world as a contributing factor in the formation of behavior. The multiple influences of personality seen in Bandura's model represents a more intimate relationship with an individual's consciousness and the external world which surrounds it.

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Bandura's model of how behavior is not determined by a single factor. Rather, it is a very complex feature within the context of each individual's psyche. Behavior is essentially influenced by separate factors; through observation of the external world and through an individual's own unique cognitive processes, (Bandura 1977). His model incorporates a number of different factors working together, rather than against each other, as in other theories. Unlike other models, Bandura's model allows for a personals relationship to his or her external world to strongly influence behavior. In this concept of behavior, people learn from observing one another, through the influence of the external world on an individual's consciousness. It also proposes that learning new concepts does not immediately change behavior, (Ormrod 1999). By studying patterns in these complex relationships, general predictions can be made concerning group and individual behavior. Researcher can also see patterns in successful methods used to direct certain desired behavior.

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Term Paper on Personality Theory and Psychological Disorder Assignment

Department of Psychology. (

Antisocial Personality Disorder

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