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The medical establishment has for a long time enjoyed a paternalistic approach that entails controlling patient access to data and information regarding personal health. Moreover, the companies that develop the applications that enable personalized medicine might also have a legal right to copyright all the data contained therein.

The advantages of personalized medicine far outweigh the drawbacks, though. As the U.S. News report "Personalized Medicine" (2011) shows, personalized medicine means more focus on prevention. When a doctor has the genetic data of a patient, the doctor can also foresee problems before they manifest, or can tell a patient that he or she is at risk for contracting a certain disease later in life. This way, the patient can make necessary lifestyle changes or take medications that might prevent that illness from ever manifesting.

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Personalized medicine also has the potential to lower healthcare costs overall ("Personalized Medicine," 2011). Without the unnecessary period of trial and error, where the doctor is trying different medications on the patient to see what works, personalized medicine allows for a more accurate portrayal of what the patient's body needs. This is as true for psychiatric medicine as it is for physiological medicine. For example, personalized medicine can be used when a patient is depressed. Normally, the patient might go through three or four different medications, and some of them take months to kick in before realizing they are not working or have bad side effects. The same might be true with antibiotics, which can harm the patient when overused or when the wrong one was taken. Personalized medicine can solve a lot of health care problems, including patient outcomes and cost of care.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Personalized Medicine Uses Advanced and Assignment

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