Persuasion "There Is a Persuasive Element Essay

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"There is a persuasive element to most, if not all good informative talks."

Persuasion is one of the important kinds of speech among informative and commemorative speeches. These three are closely interlinked with each other. Whereas "informative" provides objectivity to the audience; persuasion helps in changing the minds of people. Moreover, commemorative is a kind of speech that gives the element of amusement in the whole debate. Persuasion is an influential force in everyday life and has a vital impact on people's minds. We persuade many people in our daily routine, whether it is a matter of getting permission for college trip from home, or to convince the child to complete homework on time or asking a coworker to help in the project. It is an effective communicative technique which can provide desired results quickly than any other.

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What is the actual meaning of Persuasion in literary terms? Researchers have explained persuasion in different ways. According to them persuasion is a way of communication in which the speaker wants to change audience's mind and wants to shape their opinion accordingly. There are three levels to induct something in audience's mind: Firstly, launching of the topic which includes unveiling the topic. it's the stage where you can grab audience's attention. At the second stage, you enlighten your audience with the details of your subject matter, giving them all the information; you intend and lastly, strengthening the idea and information by concluding it in a nutshell, making it crystal clear. The last stage is called persuasion. You can see that it's quite difficult to even induct information in other's mind without touching the element of persuasion.

According to Perloff, persuasion is defined as "a practice in which a speaker strive to manipulate audience to modify their approach concerning to an issue through the communication." According to Simon, "Persuasion is human communication designed to influence the autonomous judgments and actions of others.[footnoteRef:2]" [2: Simons, H.W. (2001). Persuasion in society. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, p. 7]

Essay on Persuasion "There Is a Persuasive Element to Assignment

By analyzing the scholarly definitions of persuasion, now we can formulate our argument that persuasion is an important element in communication now a days, even in the informative talks because it is a technique to provide the needed results very swiftly than giving doses of information. For instance, here we take the example of mineral water to strengthen our argument. As now days many companies provide mineral water to the people. They are prevailing in the market by different names like Nestle, Aquafina, Canadian Spring and many more. These companies advertise their brands by giving information about the importance of using hygienic water and consequently influencing people's minds by catchy advertisements.

Persuasion can be used to transform individuals' mindset about any specific issue or an object, which includes traits, explanation, description, and effects. For instance, even in the near past people were reluctant to buy frozen food items like vegetables, meat etc. But now trends have been changed to a larger extent; people go for convenience and prefer to buy frozen food items due to persuasive advertisements.

Effects of Persuasion: Miller. G.R[footnoteRef:3] has proposed three effects of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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