Persuasive vs. Directive Communication Essay

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Persuasive vs. Directive Communication



Mary Jones

Team Leader


Most people think that Halloween parties are just for kids. But you might be surprised to find out that Halloween could also be fun and, not to mention, beneficial for a working adult like you. Not only will you establish good camaraderie with your officemates, you will also get a chance to show off your creativity and impress people. Not to mention, you will have a chance to gain benefits for yourself as well.

The upcoming Halloween party offers activities in which you will have to mingle with our officemates. This is good for our team because we will be able to share thoughts and ideas about something outside work. Furthermore, you will also have the chance to meet people from other departments. You may be surprised to stumble into people in the office that has the same interests as you do. Also, you can get to know your bosses up-close and personal!

You will be able to impress people with your costume too. For example, the way you made your costume may reflect how you can be creative on actual projects in the future. Also, the higher ups will be impressed if we, as a team, are united in a common theme, such as characters from FAIRY TALES. This will show them that we are all good team players!

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Management will be awarding the best costumes (individual/team) with cash prizes. So don't miss this chance to show off all the creativity you've got. By giving your best, you will increase your chance to win the best costume (individual) award. And by doing so, our team's chance to grab the award for the best costume (team) award also increases. Furthermore, aside from the money, you will also win the approval of your bosses through this.

Essay on Persuasive vs. Directive Communication Persuasive vs. Directive Assignment

So mark your calendar this coming Saturday, on the 31st of October. Come to our Halloween bash in a FAIRY TALE costume like Prince Charming, Evil Step Sister, or Fairy Godmother, and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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