Research Paper: Pesticide How Should We Live on This Earth

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Pesticide: How should we live on earth?

Changes Required




Principles of Land Ethic

Support Position

How can be Land ethics achieved

The nature and land of planet earth is widely affected by human developments. The extensive usage of technology and synthetic practices implemented to increase so called quality of life actually exerts adverse effects on life. The extensive usage of land, resources, developments, and usage of pesticides has affected the land ethics. The governments as well as the communities are responsible for such acts. The most surprising fact is that the individuals earning from land related businesses and cultivations also does not extend any level of care towards their valuable asset land.

The implementation of an environmentally viable behavior from societies is important in preservation of the land ethics. The land ethics are based on two significant components of ecological literacy and bio-empathy. The ecological literacy is important in wide spared communications and creating awareness for the ecological standards. The impacts of extensive pesticide usage are observed in all sages and demographics of human beings. The wariness can create asocially and environmentally reliable plant for the current and coming generations. The reliability of geological literacy in creating an impact cannot be undermined. The increased awareness is related to the efficient usage of resources, minimal toxins for food and agriculture, and pollution free environment through implementing one lined principle of land ethics (Bookchin).


The evolution of pesticides is harmful for life of certain species by design. It contains numerous poisons to eliminate the life of insects. The pesticide's perception as useful medicines was soon vanished as its harmful effects were brought in the public awareness. It is potentially used for increasing protection for cops and reducing the risk of potential damage caused to crops and human beings through insects. However the certain degree of poison's presence also not only affects insects but at the same time it has harmful impact on human beings including framers, children, women, and men. The increasing number of pesticides injuries is also a major concern. The claim that pesticides are associated is associated with the acute illness in proven through extensive research. The extensive usage of pesticides has significant impacts on the land as well. The natural species of insects also facilitate fertility in land as well as add value to the natural environment. However the pesticides are not only spoiling nature but at the same time the ethical values for biotic qualities of land are also scolded.

Changes Required:

The land is not regarded as only the soil, but it is central requirement for numerous food chains. The food chains and energy has a direct relationship with soil. The upward floe of energy through food chains is diverted down through decay. The soil and food chains has direct relationships. A number of trees and living creatures are foods for other and similarly the chain increases its value from specie to species. The effectiveness of each has considerable impact on others in the chain. Similarly the insects are also part of food chains. The extensive usage of pesticides tends to unnaturally interrupt the sequence and as a result the whole food chain is disrupted. These disruptions are largely supported by multinational corporations through large amounts of money spent in marketing and promotion of such practices. The results are profits for the businesses and devastation for the planet earth.


The claims that in the beginning food chains were simple while the evolution added layers after layers in the system and it created a high pyramid of energy and food. The human beings are at the highest level of pyramid. The destructive nature of human beings has also played a significant role in decreasing natural land and as result the forests are also vanishing from the face of earth with increased speed. The slow growing plants, herbs, shrubs, and trees are eliminated not only by the animals but the framers alike. The framers are encouraged to use pesticides as well which result into creating a notable disruption in the ecological system. The global warming and emissions are also significant contributors in destroying the natural resources by increased floods and natural calamities. The destruction in forestry is a notable factor influencing nature. The relevance of land ethics is applicable in devlopingthe claims. The pesticide usage is not only dangerous for human beings but a t the same time it has biological, chemical, and photochemical effects.


The reasons for increased usage of pesticides in agriculture as well as land related businesses are causing the adverse effects on humanity, earth, and soil. The pesticides have a precise nature of causing long-term impacts on human health. The usage of pesticides can be tracked back to approximately half a century. The tests required to assess longtermimpacts on human life are not conducted in numerous cases. The potential damage caused by the usage of pesticides is observed in terms of nervous, endocrine, and immune system of human beings. Cancer is the most dangerous disease caused due to the usage of pesticides on food. The environmental effects of extensive usage of pesticides are biological, chemical, and photochemical. The biological effects are observed in terms of breakdown of micro-organisms. The oxidation and hydrolysis are effects of chemical nature. The breakdown of ultra violet light is concerning photochemical impacts. The critical reasoning is important in creating an efficient use of geological literacy. The bio-empathy created as a result of awareness can help in reducing the biological and genetically devastating pesticides on crops, and lands.


The research argument is based on the notion that the damages caused by the extensive use of pesticides are multidimensional. The human, environmental, and soil impacts are observed as vital for maintaining quality of life. The human behavior required to live on earth should be in conformity of natural requirements. These requirements are maintained through the effective communications and creating awareness among individuals and corporations to respect the natural environment for their own and others batter lives. The coming generations are also effected by the extensive usage of pesticides. People need to enhance their knowledge and awareness of their environment because all of the trouble and disaster that they caused will eventually impact themselves and their next generation. The awareness is central effort to create an impact on concerned communities and perpetrators of the environment. Theprinciples discussed in the further section provide a useful insight of the issues primarily argumenta in the research. The research provides a significant account of the awareness requirements.

Principles of Land Ethic:

The principles of land ethics have two significant components including bio-empathy and ecological literacy. The empathy with the biological state of humans and soil is dependent on the ethical behavior exhibited from all the stakeholders. Both principles are interconnected. The ecological literacy is aligned with the requirements of creating awareness among human beings regarding land ethics (Leopold). The literacy propagates that civilization is not the ultimate aim of human beings. It is more related to the bio sphere rather than technological improvements. The key elements in creating an impact in terms of increased awareness are literacy regarding land ethics. The principles of Land ethics are related to the research hypothesis that awareness among individuals can caret an impact on the environment for current as well as future generations. The study of ecology provides significant ground to assert that it is only through bio-empathy and ecological literacy that the land ethics can be implemented. The awareness in return could create an overall impact on the soil (Keller).

Support Position:

The support derived from the key components and principles of land ethics are notable in terms of the effects for positive ecological behaviors. These behaviors are essential to create an overall awareness and relatedness with the land. The human beings should always uphold land ethics in order to create a natural and supportive environment for minimal usage of pesticides. The reduction in amount of pesticide usage can also be achieved through providing essential knowledge to human beings regarding the drawback on food, health, and ecological system as a whole (Keller).

How can be Land ethics achieved:

The achievement of social evolution can be termed as responsive society throughout the world. The civilized behaviors are required to incorporate important features of the land ethics. It is also essential to maintain a high degree of conformity to the standards of ethical behaviors with the ecological system (Leopold). The disruption caused to the ecological system through extensive usage of pesticides cannot qualify for any civilized societal norms in relation to the ecological system. The literacy is again emphasized as a key to success for creating an overall improvement in the system.

The organizations cater their environments in relation to their business benefits while ignoring the value of maintaining a high degree of friendly environment for their and others existence. Numerous programs can be offered to achieve results in terms of high performance in ethical considerations applicability in creating value economic system. The current behavior… [END OF PREVIEW]

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