Pet Adoption Adopting a Pets Essay

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Pet Adoption

Adopting a Pet

Pets are a mainstay of the American household. Not everyone has a pet, of course, but so many do that having a pet is almost normative. Pets are found in homes of the young and elderly alike. Even many of those who do not have pets have had experience with them growing up. I've noticed that mostly there are "cat" people and "dog" people, although there are those who prefer less conventional pets like lizards, birds, or snakes. For me, lizards and snakes are out of the question since I'm afraid of any kind of reptile. it's an irrational fear, but I can't help it and I accept that others are different. Recently, I've come to the belief that it is one's duty to adopt a pet. This is based on an article I read about neglected animals that need a home. It wouldn't be ethical not to do my part to help these animals. In compassion I can at least take one in. Who knows what the benefits will be? What remains is to decide whether to get a cat, a dog, or a bird. After lots of thought, I've finally decided that the best option for me is to adopt a dog.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Pet Adoption Adopting a Pet Pets Are Assignment

There are good reasons to adopt a bird. They sing beautifully for one thing, and that can really brighten up each day. A woman I knew had several birds that she kept on her landing as "good luck charms," she told me. I didn't know what to do with that superstition, but she treated them well and got joy from them. My grandmother used to feed the wild birds from her front porch. They were beautiful as they swooped down to gather the food she laid out. Can you ever tire of looking at colorful feathers? Birds have interesting habits -- things like head bobbing and skittering. I love birds. Yet I believe birds should stay in the wild. They are not creatures to be domesticated. You can only keep a bird if you put it in a cage. Otherwise it will try to fly away and may bang into windows and hurt itself. I don't want my pet to hurt itself. Nor do I want to lock it up behind metal bars like a prison. It just doesn't seem natural to put birds in cages like that. I couldn't justify it. Birds need to be free to fly. They shouldn't have clipped wings. Often they die early, I've been told. I want a lasting pet. I know a bird would be cheaper than a cat or dog, but expense is not my main concern. What matters is that a pet can be free to be what it is. I'm not interested in enslaving a creature. As much pleasure as I would get out of a bird, I believe it would make me sad to see it perched there without being able to fly to a treetop, no matter how much its beauty and song would lift my spirits.

So it's between a cat and a dog. Cats are great. I have a lot of friends who love cats. They are intelligent and beautiful, just like birds, and they don't require cages. Each of them has a unique personality. Their fur is soft and they can be real snuggly, playful, and fun. If you know a cat long enough, you can hear a special language in its meow. Another great thing about cats is their independence. They don't need to be coddled, like dogs often do. You can let them out in the yard and their senses are good enough that usually they won't run… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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