Peter Weyland's 2023 Ted Talk Essay

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He is curious and wants to be recognized for his ability to think on his own, without having to serve anyone. The fact that Shaw does not renounce God when she is provided with the ability to understand the complexity of her background is an attempt by the producers to show that the ability to create should not actually be associated with the measure of divinity.

Cloning is one of the greatest technological advancement in recent years and it provided society with the ability to understand that people actually hold great power over genetic material. Many are likely to express distrust concerning the matter as a result of associating it with science fiction or media stories emphasizing this concept as something scary and dangerous. When seen from a scientist's point-of-view, however, cloning is a much more complex idea. "It describes scientific techniques used to find out how living things grow. It is a tool for studying diseases and creating new medicines. It describes processes that have been used by crop farmers for hundreds of years." (Thomas 4)

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Cloning brings on serious questions with regard to religion, taking into account that it goes against the idea that God is the only one who can create life. Many theologians are even likely to believe that individuals supporting cloning go against everything that religion stands for, taking into account that their actions might be interpreted as being in disagreement with the role of God.

Most religion communities are probable to be against cloning and this is actually bad when looking at matters from a scientific perspective. One needs to understand that technology makes it possible for society to evolve and for doctors to be able to fight diseases more effectively as a result of having access to ideas and concepts enabling them to rapidly identify maladies and to combat them with little to no effort.

TOPIC: Essay on Peter Weyland's 2023 Ted Talk Assignment

Ideas like cloning provide a theologian with an ethical dilemma and it would be very difficult for me to get involved in a debate concerning whether or not it would be normal for society to support the process. While this process is against a series of theological ideas promoted throughout time, the fact that it provides the world with the power to get involved and save the lives of people who would otherwise have little to no chances to survive means that it brings on a moral problem. One practically needs to decide whether it would be best for him or her to stand by religious teachings or whether he or she should get actively involved in preventing other people from dying.

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Thomas, Isabel, "Cloning," (Raintree, 2012)

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