Pets Mart Website Strategic Planning and Environmental Term Paper

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Pets Mart Website

Strategic Planning and Environmental Factors Impacting the Pet Industry

The pet products and supplies industry that PetsMart competes in and is partially credited with creating is facing a series of environmental factors that are creating entirely new opportunities, making inherent weaknesses more visible to all industry participants, while also making more threats come to light than before. Beginning with the environmental factors that are serving as the foundation for growth in the industry is the supply chain expansion, greater creativity and discipline in new product development, and greater reliance on the Internet as a means for customers to order products. Environmental factors that could be considered weaknesses include the relatively tight geographic concentration of retailers and sup-pliers, and the slow adoption of supplier auditing processes to ensure the products produced for pets meet with the highest levels of quality possible. Those factors that are considered threats include a tightening of the American economy and intensive competition. The growing use of regulations to ensure the highest levels of product quality in the supply chains is also an environmental factor the company must also contend with.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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