Pharmacy Admission Admission Essay

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Pharmacy Application

The pharmacy program is known to be an intense program that requires the mastery of a great amount of information in a very short period of time. Additionally, the information being learned is of great importance and very specific, in that small errors can result in drastic consequences. I believe that the pharmacy program will provide great challenges with respect to time management, mastery of complex information, and memorization of important details. In order to meet these challenges I plan to make use of effective time management strategies, participate in group study activities and record the lectures I attend.

Time management is a catch phrase that refers to one's ability to properly structure their time so that all necessary tasks can be accomplished with the utmost attention to detail. I have set aside an appropriate amount of savings to allow me to focus on my studies, which will allow me to spend a great deal of time studying outside of the classroom. I also have a great deal of experience juggling courses and other responsibilities and believe that I will be able to once again manage a demanding course load and study schedule. I also plan to participate in study groups in order to help with the mastery of material. I believe that studying with others can be very effective as helping others is often a good way of learning the material well for one's self and working with others can shed light on topics that are difficult to understand by incorporating the viewpoints of others. Finally, I plan to record the lectures (with the permission of the instructor), as I find that re-listening to lectures is very helpful to me in my learning process.

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Admission Essay on Pharmacy Admission Assignment

I have had quite a bit of experience with group-based learning and find that it is a very effective method of learning for my own personal learning style. Working in a group has a number of advantages that I find very helpful for learning a large amount of material in a small amount of time. One advantage is a shared workload. Although everyone in the group must eventually learn the same material, often the legwork can be shared, such that each… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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