Pharmacy Application Was Only Nine Essay

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While a student, I also tutored students in other science subjects, including Mathematics and Chemistry.

In addition, I have also begun working in the medical field, as a give position in a dental office during the summer of 2003. Through this job, I have formed important connections and had a chance to apply my book learning firsthand in the medical field.

I am confident that this academic and work background in the sciences will provide a solid foundation for further studies in the field of pharmacy.

In addition to my interest in its scientific aspect, I am also attracted to the social service aspect of a career in pharmacy. By dispensing medicine and information, pharmacists are in a unique position to be directly involved in the lives of their patients. In addition, I know that many pharmacists lend their expertise to the community by giving advice regarding minor conditions and over the counter remedies.

This social aspect is important, since I believe strongly in giving back to the community. When I first moved to this country, it was a struggle to learn English. Thus, when I began studies at the Suffolk Community College in Long Island, I was an active member of the International Club. Together with other volunteers, I developed enrichment programs for international students at the college. Conversely, I also helped Persian students who grew up in Orlando learn more about their culture, language and heritage.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Pharmacy Application Was Only Nine Assignment

The fast-paced changes in technology and medicine means that the field of Social Work will continue to grow both in scope and challenges. With the training gained from Name college's excellent Pharmacy program, I look forward to being a part of this dynamic field, towards giving back to the community and to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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