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Going through a medical tragedy with my own family has underlined the need for caring and sensitive medical staff that can deal patients' emotions.

I am currently working at the Orange County Immune Institute and volunteer at the pharmacy within Garden Grove Hospital as well. Helping someone understand how they must take their medication, and instilling a sense of well-being and confidence in the people I see everyday as they take charge of their health and their loved one's heath underlines to me what I have always loved about the field of pharmacy. It is a field that requires in-depth technical and scientific knowledge, yet it also requires that the pharmacist is a 'people person' and understands the lifestyles of the persons taking the medication. Sometimes I must take more time to explain to an elderly person their dosage schedule or make clear to someone whose English is not strong the contraindicated foods and medications with the pills they are taking. I enjoy this, because it provides me with a human connection and a sense of efficacy. Being a great pharmacist is so much more than simply dispensing drugs.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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The difficulties I have experienced have given me a sense of greater compassion and wisdom about life's fragility. Education has always been a cornerstone of my life and I long to return back to the academic arena to prepare myself for a profession for which there is great need. I bring the greater maturity of life experience to the classroom now. I feel fully confident that my sensitivity, borne of maturity, combined with the training I receive will make me an excellent pharmacist.
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