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Pharmacy Statement

Personal Statement

My interest in medicine began perhaps later than many individuals, though the circumstances surrounding my introduction to the arena were no less meaningful or profound than other experiences, and perhaps more so than some. At the age of twenty-two, I had to watch my grandfather spend three years suffering from ninety-five percent paralysis and other sever medical issues as the result of a stroke he had suffered. His eventual passing was incredibly bittersweet; I was losing a man I had loved, looked up to, and respected, but who was no longer wholly available, and who was in an unknowable amount of mental and physical anguish. What made the entire three-year period the most agonizing from my perspective, other than watching my grandfather's suffering and the suffering it caused my grandmother as she cared for her slowly dying husband, was the knowledge that something possibly could have been done to ease or even prevent some of the effects of his stroke.

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When my grandfather was first rushed to the emergency room immediately following his stroke, the attending physician mentioned a new drug that he wanted to inject my grandfather with. This drug, he explained, was believed to reduce the severity of the stroke and its short- and long-term effects. Being still in the experimental phase, however, there was no guarantee of the drug's efficacy, nor was there complete knowledge about the possible side effects. The physician needed my grandmother's permission to administer the injection, and he needed a quick decision for the drug to have any chance of being effective. With the extremity of the stress in the situation and the lack of knowledge regarding the drug, my grandmother decided it wasn't worth the risk.

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