Phenomenon of Globalization Book Review

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Gandhi has also helped in promoting globalism, even if he wasn't aware of the fact. His words have helped in promoting peace around the world. When thinking about peace in the present, one can often relate to Gandhi as one of its main advocates.

In countries like India people suffer currently from overpopulation. In his attempts to make the world a better and more comfortable place, man has involuntarily created another threat. Overpopulation means that there is less living space for people and that disease and crime are present in much greater numbers than it would be normal. Western countries are not in danger of overpopulating because the birth rate there is much smaller than it is in the less-developed countries.

All in all, globalization should be appreciated for having put an end to political ideologies like Communism and Nazism, and for having made it possible for people to become freer. Nationalists from various countries are complaining that western ideologies are enslaving their people.

The U.S. is practically a hallmark for the land of freedom, but, in the last decades, people have began to doubt the efficiency of the methods used by Americans to help other nations.

The Americans have helped in liberating nations from eccentric dictators that did nothing but destroyed their people through putting into operation extreme forms of nationalism. However, the last campaigns that they have led against oppressors have proved to be ineffective, with numerous lives being lost without any reasonable motive. Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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When nationalism proves to be inefficient after several years of being the main political ideology within a country, the people begin to revolt, and ultimately start to embrace the concept of globalism.

Book Review on The Phenomenon of Globalization Is Assignment

Globalization spreads slower to the less developed countries because the people in the respective countries are frequently deprived of basic needs like education. Children are more likely to be sent by their parents to work illegally than to be sent to schools which charge fees in exchange for education. In countries like Africa, parents refrain from providing their children with education, and, as a result, the children are more vulnerable to contracting AIDS and to grow up to be illiterate. Third-world countries have a hard time providing their people with their basic needs, but, with the help of globalization, poor people can interact with other people, work in other countries, or draw foreign investments to their country.

One hopes that world peace is something that globalization will bring when it will reach its peak. Globalization will also bring several benefits like no discrimination and better lives for people from poorer countries.

While the Romans and the Greeks have failed in their plans to conquer the whole world, globalization does just that. It is spreading across all continents and makes people believe that they belong to a greater, more powerful nation.

Another down side of globalization recently showed up under the circumstances of the economic depression. It soon spread, becoming general, with all countries suffering from it. The effects of the depression have not had significant malign effects until now, but they are presumed to appear in the near future.

It is difficult to determine if globalization is good or bad for humankind, but, when looking at the number of people that have benefited from it one can consider globalism to be good.

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