Philosophical Perspective Action: I Decided to Attend Essay

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Philosophical Perspective

Action: I decided to attend college, and obtain my undergraduate degree.

Risk: First, there is the opportunity cost of the income I could earn at a full-time job. I will be less financially stable when I am in college and potentially a greater burden on my parents if I emerge after four years, in debt, and unable to support myself.

Justification: Even if the economy is uncertain at present, in the long-term I am likely to get a better job if I attend college.

Defense or Foundational Knowledge: I want a job that is emotionally satisfying. Going to college and obtaining a degree is likely to get me a job that is better-paying and also more meaningful and intellectually challenging, than if I continue to work at the job I had in high school or even if I find a better job.

Context: I am part of a social community where individuals are more likely to attend college, rather than go to work or even pursue a trade.

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Horizon: For me, work is not something that involves simply cashing a paycheck: it has to be challenging and meaningful. I also live in a society where a certain amount of prestige is given to professional work, such as medicine, law, and engineering. Even business-related work requiring a college degree such as investment banking, despite the current disgust with the financial industry, remains respected because of the vital role finance plays in generating wealth for the economy. And yes, additional social cache is attached to having a college degree.

In other societies, even European nations with which I am familiar, such as Sweden and England, highly cerebral occupations that require academic study tend to have a great deal of prestige, even though it is possible to make a 'good' living with one's hands, or owning a trade-related business like a plumbing company in America and elsewhere.

7. Universalization: The universal drive I have is to make meaning of my life, an impulse that is very common in someone in young adulthood.

TOPIC: Essay on Philosophical Perspective Action: I Decided to Attend Assignment

8. Tacit, Hidden or Unconscious Knowledge: Unconsciously, I am motivated by a series of desires, some of which are contradictory -- I want an occupation that is respected, and I enjoy. I wish to be financially solvent. I wish to learn more than I know now, and not feel 'settled' in a job at this early stage of my life. Neither pure knowledge nor having a steady paycheck is enough, I desire both. I am also motivated to seek higher learning because of the social prestige it conveys.

DQ2: Values and stages

I try to be a fairly tolerant person. However, certain issues cannot be compromised. In this statement, I align myself with Kant and his categorical or deontological principles, namely that an individual should proceed as if setting the law 'for all time' for all individuals.

A friend of mine was visiting from Europe. We were sitting in my house, and he lit a cigarette. I was shocked that he would light a cigarette without even asking me if this was acceptable in my home (it was not acceptable, neither for my parents nor for myself). He explained, surprised that I would object, that cigarette smoking was very common where he lived, and implied that I was being very… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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