Philosophical Pluralism Thesis

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Philosophical Pluralism

What are some of the challenges for an educational organization or movement to practice and/or demonstrate philosophical pluralism?

While all educational institutions wish to be inclusive, there also must be some sort of cohesive philosophy or mission to provide the 'glue' for the student body to function. No matter how many cultures, religious traditions, or ways of life are represented by the students, the students must fulfill certain academic obligations. Children must learn English, regardless of the extent to which bilingual or ESL education is embraced. This may make them feel cut off from their family's culture when they go home. Children's tolerance of other cultures, learned in school, may bring them into conflict with their home culture or faith tradition, which teaches 'there can be only one' correct culture or faith. Tolerance and inclusivity is defined as a core American value, and a core value of a pluralistic classroom, but how can a pluralistic tradition tolerate non-pluralistic traditions?Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Philosophical Pluralism Assignment

The question of secularism when religion and the student's core culture comes into conflict with America's nondenominational civic culture can also cause tension "The proper boundary between matters of personal morality and civic morality remains a matter of considerable dispute "(MacHacek 2003, p.156). "Religion is the unspoken 'rword' in the multicultural discussion" (Eck 1993). The solution, Professor of Religion Diana Eck writes, is understanding as well as tolerance:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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