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[. . .] " (The Republic) This metaphor was powerfully recreated in the first Matrix movie, in which all of reality was a computer program that a few brave souls go surpass. So Socrates suggests constant thought and vigilance to seek out the world beyond our perception, to see the light beyond that cave of the universe, and to release our bodies from the prisons of their cells.

Yet the unexamined life may not be as imprisoning as Socrates seems to think. Many authors, such as David Abram of the Sensuous Life, speak of the vital and mystical importance of the physical. Socrates, it must be remembered, was generally opposed to the physical and placed it far behind the philosophical in importance. Yet for many millennia before that the wise were those who understood intuitively how to comprehend nature itself. What if the "unexamined life" is not ignorance, but rather a refusal to fill one's head with vain thoughts of some metaphysical reality beyond that which is both spiritual and present. Socrates seems to elevate thinking and examining to a place where it is the pinnacle of all human interactions with the world, yet the possibility exists that humans can just as appropriately approach the world through sensing and feeling and intuiting. What makes examining and dissecting any better than feeling and absorbing? The mere self-congratulatory thoughts of the examiner? Even Socrates will say that "such a one coming suddenly out of the sun to be replaced in his old situation; would he not be certain to have his eyes full of darkness?... before his eyes had become steady ... would he not be ridiculous?" (Republic) Is it possible that the sun at which such a man looks is not our natural element, and that he does not become enlightened by seeing it, but only blind and ridiculous? Perhaps, like nocturnal animals we were created for darkness and not for light -- would it not be foolish for a bat to try to hunt during the day, or a coyote to sing to the sun? What then makes it wise for a man to try to seek this sun of truth when he was born with eyes for the darkness of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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