Philosophy Exercise Extension and Denotative Definitions Essay

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Philosophy Exercise

Extension and denotative definitions

An actor is someone who represents a character in a play or theatre production. In a sentence example, "My friend John was picked as an actor in the Shake spear's play, Merchant of Venice." An actor is also a person who takes part or contributes to a particular event. For example," Nelson Mandela was a key actor in the fight against apartheid in South Africa." A third definition used in an informal way is an actor who uses false pretenses to deceive others. "Be careful when you go to the Immigration office, there are many actors."

A boxer is a type of dog breed. "Alan is a dog lover; he has a bulldog, a German shepherd and a boxer." A boxer also refers to a person who fights in a boxing match. "Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson are the most famous boxers of our time." A boxer also means someone who puts things in boxes. "Take the wine bottles and give them to the boxer."

A composer is someone who creates or writes music. "Mozart was a legendary composer of classical music" "Composers earn more than artists in the music industry." "It would be an honor to meet the composer of this poem"

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A dramatist is a person who writes plays or theatrical compositions. "Shake spear is a legendary dramatist." "He wrote such a moving script yet it is his first time as a dramatist." "When you are impressed with a play, the person who deserves the greatest honor is not the actors but the dramatist."

In chemistry, an element is a substance consisting of only one type of atom. "Iridium is a rare element on Earth." An element is a small part of a much larger thing. "Trigonometry is an important element in mathematics." Element is also the habitat of a living organism. "Water is an element of whales"

TOPIC: Essay on Philosophy Exercise Extension and Denotative Definitions an Assignment

In many Military institutions, a General (officer) is a rank higher than the colonel. "General Tommy Franks led Operation Iraqi freedom." "After serving for 15 years in the army, he was made a general." "In all wars, generals are responsible for the success or failure of their troops"

Harbor is a place where ships and other water vessels dock. "Many U.S. warships were docked at Pearl Harbor during World War 2." Harbor can mean to have or to keep something. "I harbor no ill feelings towards my ex-husband." Harbor is a place of refuge. "The church served as a harbor for the fleeing slaves."

Inventor is person who designs a new appliance, process or product. "Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone." "One of the many elements of the success of the British Empire is their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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