Essay: Philosophy First of All, Because Knaves

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First of all, because knaves always lie, the words of the always-truthful oracle must be consulted first. It says that if there is one knight, there are at least two knights, and if Sam is a knight, then Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight. The oracle states that if there is one knight, at least one of the two must be a knight. The oracle also says that of Sam is the knight, either Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight.

Now the words of the knights and knaves must be consulted. Bob says that "Either Sam or Alice is a knave!" So, from what Bob says: if Bob is a knight and knights always have a partner, either Sam is a knight or Alice is a knight. But Alice said that at least one of them is a knight, and if Alice was a knave, that would have to be a lie. So this means that if Bob is a knight, Sam is the knave and Alice is also a knight.

If Alice is a knave, then all of them would have to be knaves, to make her statement false. Bob said that either Sam or Alice are knaves, so he could be a knave, as if they were all knaves, that would make his statement false as well. Sam cannot be a knight because to make the oracle correct if Sam is a knight than Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight, so then all three must be knights. But Bob said that either Alice… [END OF PREVIEW]

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