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(Clinton, Williamson and Bethke) According to three of the leading minds on TQM and HRM Clinton, Williamson and Bethke "HRM should act as the pivotal change agent necessary for the successful implementation of TQM." In order to implement Total Quality Management our department will act as both a guide and an example of TQM policies and practices. Understanding what this means will begin with a more complete understanding of the TQM philosophy.

The TQM Philosophy:

Implementing a total quality management system has become the preferred approach for improving quality and productivity in organizations. TQM, which has been adopted by leading industrial companies, is a participative system empowering all employees to take responsibility for improving quality within the organization. Instead of using traditional bureaucratic rule enforcement, TQM calls for a change in the corporate culture, where the new work climate has the following characteristics:

An open, problem-solving atmosphere;

Participatory design making;

Trust among all employees (staff, line, workers, managers);

sense of ownership and responsibility for goal achievement and problems solving; and,

Self-motivation and self-control by all employees.

Clinton, Williamson & Bethke)

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Many of you already possess the necessary personalities and management styles to implement these strategies today. However, the HRM team will begin by posting these five points as well as the following five themes within our offices and within the corridors of the administrative buildings.

Term Paper on Philosophy of Human Resources Management Assignment

HRM in partnership with all the line managers, will also orient the entire existing staff over the next two months on this five point plan. The new staff or potential new staff, as they are recruited will be oriented on these points and will also be evaluated in interview based on their theoretical ability to both work within these guidelines and implement them, personally. The five themes or focuses as outlined by Clinton, Williamson & Bethke are:

Focus on customers' needs;

Focus on problem prevention, not correction;

Make continuous improvements: seek to meet customers' requirements on time, the first time, every time;

Train employees in ways to improve quality; and,

Apply the team approach to problem solving.

Clinton, Williamson & Bethke)

The needs of customers will be identified through the existing QA systems and then implemented in an environment that empowers each employee and each point of contact to meet the needs of the customer. (Clinton, Williamson & Bethke) Additionally Company policies and procedures will be evaluated so as to meet the needs of the employees in their new goals.

Human Resource Management Guidelines

The points of reference which the HRM must first implement within its own department will then be used as a guide for the rest of the management teams.

Initiating agreement on goals and measures that cascade throughout the organization;

Providing the agreed resources (people, money, training, machines, etc.);

Assigning authority and establish deadlines to put resources into motion;

Monitoring progress in achieving goals, not to apportion blame, but to aim for improvement; and,

Measuring improvement and reward both the achievement of goals and the ways they are achieved.

Clinton, Williamson & Bethke)

The continued growth of our entire company will be ensured by the successful implementation of these best practices.

Closing Thoughts:

As a closing though to the HRM team, it is important to once again recognize and acknowledge that our customer base as the HRM of Graymatter is both all the employees of Graymatter and also all the customers they serve. If we continue to focus and refocus our goals to satisfy the needs of both of these customer groups we will continue to help lead the company to future growth.

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