Philosophy Personal Worldview Out of the Hodgepodge Term Paper

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¶ … Philosophy

Personal Worldview

Out of the hodgepodge of education and personal experiences I have gained in my lifetime, I have managed to develop a "mixed bag" kind of personal philosophy or worldview. How I imagine the world working at any given moment depends on the circumstances at hand. When it comes to love, I tend to imagine a romanticized world of surreal spirituality and fate. On the other hand, when speaking of disease, my mind turns to biology and scientific fact. And I imagine that the view I choose to take of the world on any particular subject has something to do with how much I know about the subject, and with how pleasing it is for me to think along those lines.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Philosophy Personal Worldview Out of the Hodgepodge Assignment

Metaphysics has many interwoven and interconnected definitions, but the one that makes most sense to me is simply "the study of universal realities vs. appearances." In terms of this definition, I view the world in a metaphysical sense when it comes to many important concepts. I believe there are many universes and galaxies with planets capable of sustaining life similar to our own. I believe it has always been this way and always will be; however, I of course cannot answer why. I also believe in the basic reality of all life being interrelated through concepts of atoms, molecules, particles, and the different configurations of those atoms brought about by the forces of nature resulting in evolution. I believe that while human beings may exist on other planets, they will vary with the conditions of the particular planet on which they evolved. But overall, at the most fundamental and important levels, all living creatures are more alike than different; and our personal opinions and perceptions about those creatures are greatly distorted for the sake of mastering and navigating a difficult world. But all living things are made out of the same basic "materials" and have similar needs for survival. These are metaphysical concepts because they will never change, they are reality, and form the universal essence of things (Lowe, 1998). Of course the next questions that arise have to do with "why?" And "what is the meaning?" And "is there a God?"

Epistemology is the study of knowledge and belief, and the justification of beliefs (Steup, 2010). This subject leads into what I believe is the source of human weakness -- that we tend to believe what makes us feel good rather than what is most true. If something does not fit with what we want to believe, we ignore it or use "selective learning" to fit the "square peg" into our comfortable and familiar "round" worldview. I know I am as susceptible to this kind of error in knowledge and belief as anyone else; therefore, my view is that our beliefs and knowledge are always skewed and sort of "happen" to us based on our personality, upbringing, preferences, and emotional attachments.

Axiology is the study of values and goodness in terms of ethics and aesthetics, objectivity and subjectivity (Archie & Archie, 2004). Just as I believe everything is made from the same fundamental "materials" and forces, I also believe that our values as human beings are based on fundamental, objective, never-changing, universal principles of goodness, beauty, and health. In terms of science, what we find attractive in members of the opposite sex has to do with health (physical, mental, and emotional) and the potential health of our offspring with that person. We want to survive and we want… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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