Phylum Annelida Annelids Are Members Essay

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The same is also found in chordates and other pigments. The hemoglobin is dissolved directly into the blood allowing them to leave where oxygen is scarce and food is plentiful example in the mud and under water. Their reproductive system can be either sexual or asexual. For example in asexual reproduction, the parent divides itself into two. Some of them (example earthworms) are hermaphroditic meaning they have both sexes in one individual Badea et al., 2010


Since they are invertebrates, when they break any of their body parts they can regenerate. Phylum Annelida have the ability to withstand extinction because they are hermaphroditic. Some of them (example earthworms) contribute to soil fertility. They move with ease in most environments due to their ability to burrow, swim and creep. Their segmented bodies facilitate ease of movement through and into surfaces. Their hemoglobin is dissolved directly into the blood allowing them to live in stagnant mud where oxygen is scarce. Their body movement does not interfere with their digestive tract movements due to the muscular walls on their digestive systems Meglitsch P, 1972()


Phylum Annelida is a species that has many merits and positive contribution to earth science; they can live in a variety of environments and move easily due to their segmented body which distinguishes them from other worm like creatures. Phylum Annelida display a clear illustration of metameric organization and have more peculiarities that call for more introspect in biology.

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Essay on Phylum Annelida Annelids Are Members Assignment

Badea, A.B., Gagyi-Palffy, A., Stoian, L.C., & Stan, G. (2010). Preliminary studies of quality assessment of aquatic environments from Cluj suburban areas, based on some invertebrates bioindicators and chemical indicators. [Article]. Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation - International Journal of the…
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