Physcical Science Procedures Essay

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The things that we know now about science are giving some kind of thanks to the tools invented in order to obtain better answers about the unknown. Much of the knowledge that we have about our solar system and universe would not had been discover if it wasn't for the invention of the a telescope. The telescope is an optical instrument designed to make distant objects appear nearer. It contains an arrangement of lenses or mirrors or both that gathers visible light, permitting direct observation or photographic recording of distant objects. (Lacki, B.C. 2011). With the use of telescopes we have been able to learn a lot more about the planets in our universe. It has helped us understand about some of the history of everything around us. Also it has been able to track asteroids and comets or any randomly flying object in outer space that might become threatening to our planet.

Part 2: Procedures in the Physical Sciences: A Survey of Safety

Choose one (1) hazard associated with research in the physical sciences. Discuss how protective gear or equipment might be used to mitigate the hazard, as well as its efficacy.

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Hazards are everywhere when it has to do with the world of physical science, especially because science is considered to be hands on learning type of environment, it is important to test everything that we possibly investigate and read. In the world of chemistry people normally mainly get there by being in the lab and being able to observe all of the things that are going on in front of them. Many of the things that can occur in this environment are things such as exposure to chemicals burns, inhalation of fumes, explosion, fire, or being visible to bright lights that could possibly injure a person's eyes.

Essay on Physcical Science Procedures in the Assignment

Research shows that protective gear in full can be extremely resourceful when it comes down to dealing with all kinds of hazards (Finni, 2011). The utilization of gloves to stop things such as chemical burns, protective mask to avoid inhalation of fumes, eye protective wear in order to evade any chemicals splash in a person's eyes, wearing a lap coat regardless of conducting lab test will defend the rest of your body from all the same dangers in addition.

Describe the ways in which advancements in the physical sciences might impact the safety of the global community. Assess any special considerations for regulating this research

When it comes down to my personal opinion, I really believe that the progression in the studies of earth science is what will possibly have the most influence on the security of the worldwide community. Many may not be aware but the Earth science is what imparts in to us about our planet as a whole, not about our nation by itself but the entire world. It is what teaches everyone about things going on in the past, present and the future. It also teaches us on how can we can do other constructive things such as avoid situations that could possibly be damaging to the earth. It is important that people know this because it will help to stay much more concerned and at the same time alert. It is vital to understand that taking care of the only planet that we have is basically the least that everyone could possibly do for the prospect of our families. It makes perfect sense if we want a health planet to live on. True, it may or may not have an effect on us at this moment, nevertheless two or three generations from now will be the ones going through the consequences of our mess that we could make. With further type of progressions in this area of science we can influence the protection of everyone in this planet and those that will be living on the earth in the near future.

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