Physical Activity for Seniors Grant Proposal

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Grant Proposal on Physical Activity for Seniors Assignment

Exercise and physical activity more generally are well-known variables that promote good health and longevity, especially among elderly individuals. Some of the more important benefits of exercise and physical fitness in this age group include reduced susceptibility to heart disease and related circulatory problems, arthritis, depression, and physical wasting. However, advanced age is also inversely associated with involvement in physical activity and exercise, mainly because many of the natural consequences of aging pose barriers to maintaining exercise and physical fitness routines and tend to promote sedentary lifestyles that are not conducive to optimal health. This proposal consists of a program to improve the physical fitness and exercise opportunities available to seniors at the St. Anselm's Cross-Cultural Community Center (St. Anselm's CCCC). The program is intended to demonstrate the need for more fitness-related opportunities and as well as the viability of an approach to increase participation among seniors in those opportunities. More specifically, the program consists of a plan to increase the number of ballroom dance and tai chi classes available to senior Orange County residents in conjunction with a methodology for evaluating the corresponding changes in objectively measurable health indicators and subjective self-reports of well-being from participants. The principal method will consist of a comparison between a test group of 30 individuals participating in a five-day per week exercise program and a control group of 30 individuals participating in the existing three-day per week exercise program after a year-long period. It is anticipated that the results will support the expansion of fitness and exercise… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Physical Activity for Seniors Grant Proposal

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