Physical Education Fourth Grade the School's Emphasis Term Paper

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Physical Education

Fourth Grade

The school's emphasis for the fourth grade physical education was to acquire, improve and demonstrate fundamental motor skills and continue the building up of manipulative skills and movement experiences from third grade. In addition, cognitive concepts related to body movement are to allow the children to demonstrate positive attitudes toward healthy lifestyles and physical activities.

By this time, the fourth grade students should be able to model the expected behavior for the physical education setting. They should understand safe practices, following rules, and listening to procedures during instruction. The importance of teamwork and cooperation are reinforced through large group activities even more than previous years. The physical education structure follows a step-by-step instruction and activity, from simple to complex. The physical education domains are required to be learned through a variety of instructional strategies.

Classes Observed: Two (2) forth-grade classes one week apart Purpose: Build up skills for "Moving Target" (Throwing, Aiming, Teamwork, Aerobic


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First Week: This class was only for working on the skills. The teacher does not let the children actually play the game until they have had a chance to practice the skills that are part of the game. The 40-minute class consisted of warm-up exercises, then a series of ball throwing exercises: 1) students in pairs with one ball, keep on taking one step back and toss ball back and forth until person misses and then start over again in opposite direction; 2) students line up in groups and throw ball through hoops; 3) students throw ball hard against the floor and see who can get it to go highest; and 4) students throw a ball against the wall and other teammate catches it. In between ball exercises, children do running, jumping and hopping across gym for aerobics.

Personal Observations:

Students naturally had different abilities. Some could throw better and/or stronger than another one. Overall, however, they were pretty equally matched in abilities.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Physical Education Fourth Grade the School's Emphasis Assignment

Since the students were doing something different in each phase, some of them had to have the teacher repeat the instructions. There were also some disagreements between the children on the correct way of doing the activity.

Since this was not one team against another, instead of teamwork there was more socialization. In fact, sometimes too much talking between the kids. They were not always focused as much as they should have been.

As they continued to do the skill over and over, they did get better.

When the teacher saw that someone was having a problem with one of the activities, she came over and gave some advice.

Second Week

Students had warm up exercises, and then practiced ball throwing for ten minutes. The last thirty minutes was playing the game.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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