Physical Therapy That Can Enable Term Paper

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Equipment required are a special treadmill, and weights.

This form of exercise or therapy can be shown during a session, by having the patient secured in a mountain-climbing harness suspended over a treadmill. The treadmill is to start at a speed of 4 miles per hour, and the physical therapist is to hold on to the patient's weaker foot to guide the first steps. This exercise if done in a routine session everyday can enable a disabled person to walk again.

The basic technique of "weight-suspended ambulation system" has been employed for many years to basically help rehabilitate stroke patients. However, it's also being used with the treadmill training for patients with spinal-cord injuries.

This is a good therapy for patients with neurological deficits, like spinal-cord injury or multiple sclerosis, especially for those with poor muscle strength and poor balance. The treadmill training routine is to assist locomotion in the spinal cord, which controls the walking motion during walking. "Body-weight-supported ambulation" is a program that uses graded weight support, so that the patient only takes the amount of weight that can be tolerated during treadmill walking.

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