Physician Assisted Death Article Review

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While the first three options may be initiated by surrogate decision makers, the final two should be initiated by the patient. The seeming inability of palliative care to address all end-of-life sufferings is a strong justification for physician-assisted suicide. Therefore, the least harmful way of responding to intolerable end-of-life suffering would be helpful to clinicians, patients, and families. This harmful method should be conducted in a manner that is effective and respects the values of the major stakeholders in delivery of care. In expressing his support for legalization of physician-assisted suicide given the inability of palliative care to address all end-of-life suffering, Quill (2012) states that the benefits of an open, legally permitted practice outweigh the dangers of a secret practice (p.63).


As previously mentioned, physician assisted death is a major contentious issue because it creates concerns on preservation of a dying person's independence and the need to safeguard patients from pressures in the process of dying (Messer, 2012). The article presents significant insights for legalization of the practice, which illegal in many states and countries. It is a balanced opinion on the issue because the author includes recommendations for the most suitable kind of treatment before consideration of physician-assisted suicide.

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Quill offers a balanced and critical review of physician-assisted suicide as a last resort after delivery of high quality palliative care. Moreover, his argument for its legalization includes the need for the practice to be initiated by the patient through a strong sense of personal will. The evaluation of the benefits of an open, legally allowed practice over the dangers of a secret practice helps in addressing concerns regarding potential abuse, error, and coercion.


Messer, T. (2012, October 29). Physician-Assisted Death: In Consideration of the Right to Die.

Retrieved September 30, 2014, from

Article Review on Physician Assisted Death Assignment

Quill, T.E. (2012). Physicians Should 'Assist in Suicide' When it is Appropriate. Journal of Law,

Medicine & Ethics, 40(1), 57-65. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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