Physicians and Registered Nurses Term Paper

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Furthermore, the difference between nurses and GP in diagnosis was mostly in diseases where doctors themselves may also face diagnostic difficulties (Al-Almaei et al. 2000)."

The level of communication and the relationship between the doctors and the nurses was good. This also contributed to the agreement amongst the nurses and physicians because the nurses felt comfortable giving a diagnosis and suggesting treatment (Al-Almaei et al. 2000). Exploring this relationship is important in third world countries where there is a shortage of both doctors and nurses (Al-Almaei et al. 2000). Having the two work together and learn form one another improves the quality of healthcare that the patient receives.

In addition, such an environment provides nurses with positive outcomes. They learned new skill sets and interacted with physicians in a relaxed atmosphere because the physicians were unaware of the study. Overall, this particular study encourages nurses to get additional education so that they can better serve patients and assist doctors in a more effective manner. The study concluded that the project reinforces 'the role of the nurse practitioners as health care providers with limited resources, able to help people, but who must refer to the local health center for guidance and medical expertise. With organized training, none of the nurses missed any life-threatening conditions (Al-Almaei et al. 2000)."

Discussion and Conclusion

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The purpose of this discussion was to provide a description of current research, synthesis, demonstrations and other projects that have resulted in positive nurse physician relationships. More specifically the discussion focused on the relationship between the two as it relates to increases in nurse satisfaction, decreases in nurse turnover, better working environment, and better patient outcomes with an emphasis on patient safety. Our research found two descriptions of the relationship between nurses in physicians.

Term Paper on Physicians and Registered Nurses Is Assignment

The first report discussed the relationship between RNs and physicians on a setting where they are collaborating and consulting. We found that in an ideal situation the nurse and the collaborating doctor work in the same facility. The research also suggests that the physician view the nurse as an associate rather than a subordinate. The findings reveal that the physician should also have an understanding of the types of responsibilities the RN is ailing and able to handle. When these issues are addressed appropriately, the outcome is positive for the nurse and physician. In addition, the quality of care the patient receives is improved.

In the next description, we focused on the comprehensive healthcare project conducted in Pakistan amongst patients who were Afghan refugees. The research was designed to assess the differences in diagnosis and treatment among nurses, general practitioners and consulting physicians. The study revealed that the relationship between the nurses and the doctors was relaxed because the doctors were not aware of the study. The relaxed atmosphere between the healthcare professionals created an environment in which the nurses felt comfortable making diagnosis and prescribing treatment. This resulted in a greater level of confidence amongst the nurses and better patient care.


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Al-Almaei, S,.Mangoud, A., Albar, A.A., & Hanif, M. (2000). In Comparison: A Study of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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