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Pressure drag as a result of the body moving, between the upper part and lower part of the body while swimming reduces the pace of a swimmer. The turbulence along the body can only be minimized by the ridges made along the suit. Similarly, such suits are made to cover all parts of the body with the exception of feet and arms to minimize water drag. Such full body swimsuits aids in reduction of muscle fatigue, as the moving parts of the body will only require minimum energy to propel the swimmer.

Swim suits are made of very smooth surfaces as rough surface lower swimmer's movement in water as it increases the opposing force between swimmer and water (Gibo, T., 2). In addition, some suits are made slightly thicker to increase the buoyancy while in water. Smooth surfaces have less frictional drag to water as compared to rough surfaces. This minimizes the frictional drag while swimming, and the effort required when swimming is minimized, as the ability to float is higher and will require less energy.

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During competitions, some swimsuits have been banned due to unfair advantage. Different suits have an advantage over others, making swimming measurement impact grater to others. Thickness of suits has been specified to be 1mm thick. This is to reduce the advantage of buoyancy to other swimmers who instead would have used less force to float, such as the LZR Razor swimmers is said to have added buoyancy. Swimming suits are set not to extend the ankles or shoulders. Full body suits minimize water drag, which is an added advantage to those who have. Standardized swimming suits hence are recommended without extended shoulders and ankles.

For competitions, specified swimming suits are recommended, and no competitor is allowed to tailor make for him/herself. This ensures that the modifications made are universal to all. Competitors are allowed only one suit during competition, which they use till the end of competition unless otherwise.


Term Paper on Physics of Swimming Is a Assignment

Swimming is a sport that has evolved over a long period. It has undergone several technological improvements and advancement to improve its competition. Improvements in swimming field have been focused on the improvement of the suits with the application of physics and the modern technology, such as shaving of hair or wearing smooth swimming caps, which reduces the friction drag of water. Upon improving such measures, competitions have ensured fair advantage to all swimming competitors this will be achieved by standardizing all swimwear. Swimming suits are worn by anyone during swimming, no matter the age, size or gender.

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